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manager handover checklist template is a manager handover checklist sample that gives infomration on manager handover checklist design and format. when designing manager handover checklist example, it is important to consider manager handover checklist template style, design, color and theme. this checklist may be also completed for other team members other than store managers, i.e. balance the float to ensure money in the cash register is correct and there are no discrepancies in movex. 1.2 where a store manager is leaving the business, an armaguard collection needs to be organised prior to their departure. 1.3 investigate the year to date (ytd) register errors and address anything outstanding variances with the store manager. register key and the safe 2-key (for inner compartment) must be kept inside the safe. 2.1 ensure there are no outstanding e-receipts for all stock received.

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items transferred to store need to be receipted in. item transferred out of the store must be followed up with the receiving store and ensure they are receipted in. cross reference large variances with previous stocktakes and check for any offsets. 2.5 check non-model tyres and ensure any special ordered tyres e.g ot and pirelli tyres are ordered for customers. 3.1 investigate outstanding maintenance orders and escalate to store support maintenance if an order still remains open. ensure other key holders have their own alarm codes and are not sharing with others. 6.5 if the team member is an authorised vehicle examiner, the relevant transport department must be notified.

this comprehensive check list helps you to follow up and double check existing up-to-date & pending matters for each department with your colleague taking over. – arrange schedule for new gm to tour each hotel department, accompanied by respective department head.

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– prepare a management performance and development report for each department head and major supervisor for new gm. department head meeting, morning briefing, credit meeting etc. 18. local issues of importance to the general manager 19. inventory of corporate sop’s 1. resident manager’s background, experience and goals 2. clarify responsibilities and job description of resident manager 3. regular tasks and duties of resident manager ( daily, weekly, monthly ) 4. get opinion from resident manager on: – level of service and proficiency in all departments – training needs and other staffing issues – strengths and weaknesses of the property and its operation – proficiency of department heads and key staff ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. executive secretary’s background, experience and goals 2. clarify responsibilities and job description of executive secretary 3. regular tasks and duties of executive secretary daily, weekly, monthly 4. any other issue 1. introduce to accounting and controlling staff 2. explain level of competency of staff, as well as training programs and training needs 3. outline any staff related problems 1. review financial arrangement (if applicable) 2. repayment of debts ( if applicable) 3. cash flow and cash flow forecast 4. management fee structure 1. accounts receivables and city ledger 2. average payment period in city ledger 3. magnitude of bad debts and write-offs 4. overdue accounts and collection procedures 1. description of cash controls 2. petty cash, house banks and individual limits 3. description of banking arrangement and policies 4. bonded employees and cashier short/over policy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. description of payroll procedure and policy 2. mechanism for payroll control, incl.