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marketing and sales alignment continues to be important, and marketing leaders continue to seek ways to strengthen the partnership and improve performance. when it comes to meetings, most marketing and sales professionals prefer the minimalist style. one idea is to set aside the first few minutes of each meeting for marketing and sales to interact in a relaxed manner. some marketing and sales organizations are embracing agile concepts as a way to fuel customer-focused collaboration for account-based marketing efforts?

ideally both marketing and sales will aggregate and analyze relevant data before the meeting so they can engage in productive discussions. review slas in each marketing and sales alignment meeting to assess how well the combined teams’ efforts are contributing to achieving the goals. linkedin provides a wide range of valuable performance data on both sides of the marketing and sales equation. any organization dedicated to marketing and sales alignment is on the right track.

according to lee gimpel, founder of better meetings, a meeting design, facilitation, and training firm, one of the first steps in planning an effective meeting is to invite the right people. “note whether the purpose of the topic is to share information, seek input for a decision, or make a decision,” said digital marketing strategist muhammad mateen khan. biland sadek, regional commercial director for mea and duty-free at tobacco company philip morris international, is also an advocate of the question method to maximize meeting effectiveness.

“someone other than the formal meeting leader is often responsible for leading the discussion of a particular agenda item,” he said. and when it comes to the time of day, brazzoni said to avoid lunch meetings—but, if you can’t, either provide food or allow attendees to bring their lunches. and despite the temptation to check your inbox, slack, or your phone, amir shahzeidi, digital marketing manager at video-on-demand platform uscreen, said to avoid multitasking during virtual meetings because it can break the flow of conversation and you could miss out on important information. just be sure to let all attendees know ahead of time that you’re planning to record the session, and make sure to share how it’ll be viewed and accessed.

for every meeting, you should have a dedicated agenda slide that lays out three things: outlining who is talking, what they’re covering, and have a clear, focused agenda. show them their progress on relevant metrics and goals. help them assess the success of their campaigns and testing. identify run more effective marketing meetings with this guide and a free template agenda that makes every meeting more productive., marketing meeting template, marketing meeting template, marketing meeting objectives, go to market meeting agenda, brand meeting agenda.

below, you’ll find some free marketing meeting agenda templates that you can download as a word doc or copy as a google doc. simply click “use template” on marketing meeting templates creative brainstorming campaign kick off meeting content planning meeting marketing campaign planning weekly marketing meeting. how to use the marketing meeting agenda template 1. outline the main goal of the meeting 2. set a time and date that’s doable for most 3., types of marketing meetings, social media meeting agenda.

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