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master document list template is a master document list sample that gives infomration on master document list design and format. when designing master document list example, it is important to consider master document list template style, design, color and theme. in this blog i am going to discuss how the master document register works and how it keeps projects within scope, to the highest quality and on time. the master document register (mdr), also known as master document list (mdl), is a complete list of documents to be delivered across all disciplines throughout all phases of a capital project. the mdr holds the information for review and approval in a raci like matrix and as a result, the mdr is essentially a very large spreadsheet with thousands of line items and many columns. in the early phases of a project the mdr is taken from a template or a similar project that was executed in the past which is then adjusted to the purpose of the new capital project and the objects to be built.

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once the mdr is signed by the parties it becomes part of the contract and at this point in time it becomes the list of contractually agreed document deliverables. the engineering document management system allows the exportation of the mdr from the master document workspace to a spreadsheet for offline use. as a result, managing the mdr in an engineering capital project gives you the ability to control project completeness and due dates for all document deliverables regardless of whether you are required to send documents out or are expecting to receive inbound documents from contractors. opentext professional services have years of experience in engineering document management in capital projects, please contact us if you would like to speak to an expert with regards to your project.

as the name suggests, it is a list of all the documents that have to be delivered to the client in an engineering capital project. in a nutshell, the fact that it is essentially a snapshot of the project’s key documents at any point in time, or to put it another way, a list of vital statistics about each document/deliverable. what makes managing the master document list challenging is not the number of details per document but the number of documents per project, and the fact that usually the managing of the mdl is a manual and extremely tedious process because all the details have to be entered manually, usually by a project planner.

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if you keep in mind that every updation is made manually, you can see how the managing of the master document register becomes a bottleneck in most projects and therefore, one of the areas where a digital document management system makes an immediate and profound impact. to do this, he has to find out the status of each document by calling up people or emailing them and manually it into the relevant cell in the mdl spreadsheet. to sum up: the master document list or register is constantly undergoing changes throughout the lifecycle of a project and these changes are typically recorded and updated manually, which is why a digital document management system is so valuable – just think of a system doing all the recording and updating! the conventional project monitoring how do we ensure that projects are completed as scheduled and within the defined budget.

latest drawings / documents or ld is the go-to function where users can access the latest drawing or technical document to use for construction and build activities. the second step if to enter information filters required and then search for the document rows that meet the filter criteria. placeholders are used to pre-allocate document numbers to be used in the preparation of drawings and technical documents. type in part of the submission number and a list matching the search characters will be displayed. you can select from the drop-down list or enter text to search on code and name.

placeholders are used to pre-allocate document numbers to be used in the preparation of drawings and technical documents. when you click the latest submission tab, you can see the routing review and directly open the drawing under review and see what has occurred to date. once you have the required document list displayed, you can click on the latest submission tab and for each row, you will be able to see submission document and transmittal documents / responses. note you will only see the submission document if your company is the from or the to or the cc or your company is permitted to see all documents of this process register. this is a blue hyperlink so click and the routing will open – if you have access as described above. if you want to add another document or change the attachment by selecting another revision, you must go back to mdl tab to search for documents / attachments again.