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master task list template is a master task list sample that gives infomration on master task list design and format. when designing master task list example, it is important to consider master task list template style, design, color and theme. the other side of that is that there are still all these things that we need or want to do, and they’re floating around in our heads. a master to-do list is simply a list where you keep track of everything you need to do. i prefer to keep a few different master lists for the different areas of my life, but i know many people who use a single notebook and just add to the list as things pop in their heads. i try to make sure that i’m not overloading my lists with a bunch of things to do, rather i try to choose what is important or urgent and forget about the rest. i decided it was time to update that section a little and whipped some new master to-do list printables to match the 2016 calendars.

master task list overview

i know for me that it is one the quickest ways to tame my scattered brain when i feel like i have too much to do and not enough time to do it. it’s no secret that i love printables, and after chatting earlier today about creating time for a weekly planning session, i just couldn’t wait to put finishing touches on the printables. i wanted to give the kiddos a bit of break from rigid routines and let… a weekly review can be a valuable tool to help boost your productivity. ???? hi alli this roxanne and i’ve been trying to print the half size and personal size master to do list and it doesn’t come up so i can print or save to my file could you give me some pointers of what i should do. a slightly distracted, mildly frazzled, recovering clutter-bug who can often be found with a cup of coffee in one hand and a planner in the other as i figure out how to navigate life with all the distractions and shiny objects it likes to throw in my path.

as i said, a master to-do list is a massive brain dump of everything you have to ever do in your life, neatly categorized so you can get shizz done! i recommend you use a pen and paper (or the free master to-do list template that you can download on this post!). but portability is so important because you never know when a “to-do” is going to pop into your head, and you want to get that out of your head and onto paper asap. i think a home life list is non-negotiable, but if you have loads of kids or a huge household you might need multiple lists to keep on top of your home. at this stage, all you have to do is go over your categorized to-lists and pull out the tasks you will be completing in the coming week.

master task list format

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master task list guide

but i wanted to touch on the basic steps you should do each week to keep the master to-do list system running like a well-oiled machine, you continue to get all the things done and keep your brain sane! i keep meaning to do a post/video on how you can use asana to organize your homelife (and master to-do lists) as well as it’s really powerful! that sounds like you have a fantastic system going for you in your bullet journal, and yes, super similar to the master to-do lists system i use! so i think a great way to deal with that would be to make a separate “categorized master to-do list” where you just list those regular tasks. i get so overwhelmed by having just a master to-do list that nothing gets done, so i even quit making one.

whether it’s several work projects, helping out a family member, or tending to your own house, you have multiple things to do that don’t necessarily relate to each other. there are a number of tools out that claim to help you manage your to-do list. when you use priority matrix, you can make a separate projects for each of the major things you have to do. by using multiple projects instead of just sticking everything you need to do in one list, you can more easily reference the different aspects of a project that still need to be completed and all of the information related to it. by having a place where everything you need to do is written down, you can plan for your day based on urgency and importance of your various tasks. the great thing about priority matrix is that if you’ve already made your task lists in different projects, it will automatically collect all of the tasks and put them in one place.

to start things off, make sure you create three separate projects for each of these undertakings. now that you have organized to-do lists for each of your projects, you can easily check each one and reference any information or files you’ve put there. this organization is good if you want to tackle your list based on priority of task, and get your most important work out of the way first. keep in mind that you can still organize the list based on quadrant and project within these shorter lists. it helps clarify who’s in charge of what, and you can see from a glance if a lot of work is piling up for a specific person. now that you have an understanding of how the the master task list works, you can see everything you have to do all at once! rather than a long to-do list that includes everything under the sun, your master task list in priority matrix will be a focused list that helps you accomplish your goals and drive results.