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meeting checklist template is a meeting checklist sample that gives infomration on meeting checklist design and format. when designing meeting checklist example, it is important to consider meeting checklist template style, design, color and theme. you can download or copy this meeting prep checklist as a googledoc. the sum of that research a simple set of values and practices for better meetings used by high-performing teams. to easily identify the purpose of a meeting, examine the why behind it. in other words, your purpose is the reason your meeting exists, i.e. also, remember for when the meeting happens, your meeting notes do not need to be a verbatim accounting of everything that happened. well, often people don’t see the agenda until they show up in a meeting, which gives them no time to prepare their thoughts. having the agenda outside of the calendar makes it much harder for someone to match it to the meeting. look at your attendee list and think carefully about who needs to be invited to your meeting.

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if you’ve clearly defined the purpose of your meeting, it should be straightforward to select only the relevant participants. when you send the invite, if at all possible, schedule the meeting so it’s clustered around other meetings for your participants—although not so many hours of meetings they’re likely to be exhausted. at the end of your meeting, all action items should be assigned to a directly responsible individual (dri). this isn’t part of your meeting prep, but it can be helpful to think about when preparing for a meeting. who wasn’t invited to the meeting but should know about what happened? however, you should know who the dri is, and you hopefully have a sense of when the task will be completed or moved along. as part of the short (and free) guide to vital, you can also download a free printable copy of our meeting room cheat sheet and hang it up in your conference room (or your home office). here’s the best way to assign tasks and action items — so that everything gets done on time.

reading through this meeting checklist and adopting some (if not all) of these preparation techniques will have a huge impact on your meeting efficiency. effectively planning a meeting will mean that you can cut down the number of meetings your team need to attend, meeting lengths and the productivity of the people in them! knowing who to invite to your meeting is one of the most essential steps in your meeting planning checklist. the time that you hold a meeting at will have a huge impact on how your meeting goes. our how to pick a time for your meeting guide has all the handy hints you need to set the perfect time. our comprehensive guide to setting a meeting length will walk you through choosing the perfect length for your meeting, depending on what kind of meeting it is.

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creating an effective meeting agenda that clearly documents the decisions, questions and actions that will be tackled in your meeting gives the attendees the chance to gather necessary information, supplies and resources for the meeting. in your reminder, you should also include a list of what is expected of each member and give them any information that needs to be seen before the meeting. a template for meeting minutes should be prepared beforehand and include everything from the basics to the complex actions that need to be taken afterwards. but, we have a remote meeting etiquette guide that you can check out too! choosing the perfect time for your meeting will have a bigger impact than you expect. find out how to pick the best time for your meeting in this post.