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since 2009, starrdata has helped hundreds of companies leverage the power of salesforce. the challenge with meetings is making the best use of everyone’s time. this consists of each person being clear on what their commitments are to everyone else and also looking for how they can help others to ensure a successful outcome. meetings become reporting sessions (and a waste of time for those who don’t want to hear what’s being reported on) because teams don’t have an effective way to communicate among themselves other than when they are in the meeting. salesforce chatter provides teams, regardless of their size, with a secure and easy way to communicate all of the information that needs to be shared before the meeting takes place!

with salesforce chatter you can create a chatter group for the meeting topic and invite the attendees to be members of the group. now using this group you can distribute information you would like to share with the team. with salesforce chatter anyone can share a link or document to quickly provide information to others on the team. anyone can solicit ideas from others without having to be in the same conference room. since 2009 we have helped hundreds of organizations to leverage the power of salesforce.

how to properly add meeting notes after a client meeting (activity)?. so, we are using salesforce enterprise with the financial services cloud this unit talks about salesforce meetings features that are available when associate and review documents and take notes: when salesforce anywhere sales people can take meeting notes and record internal and client tasks on one screen within salesforce during meetings or calls on a desktop., salesforce meetings, salesforce meetings, meeting studio salesforce, salesforce meetings setup, salesforce meetings trailhead.

keep everything aligned by connecting your meeting notes with your calendar in fellow and then sending the notes over to the customer’s salesforce profile. sharing salesforce meeting notes is one of the best ways to drive accountability and transparency as well as to ramp new reps. salesforce: meeting notes app linkpoint360 is the leading provider of crm integration solutions, dedicated to delivering software solutions that promote, salesforce meetings permission set.

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