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monitoring and evaluation checklist template is a monitoring and evaluation checklist sample that gives infomration on monitoring and evaluation checklist design and format. when designing monitoring and evaluation checklist example, it is important to consider monitoring and evaluation checklist template style, design, color and theme. how can we harmonize project evaluation across the development sector? this interagency network shares guidelines and insights to promote effective monitoring and evaluation across the un system. if we want to ensure a sustainable and people-centred recovery, we must pay special attention to monitoring and evaluation in the “new normal.” your evaluation should uphold practices, principles, and values to which the united nations is committed, especially the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. ​​​​​the importance of evaluation is highlighted by its impact on decision-making processes, organisational learning, accountability and empowering stakeholders. transparent evaluations boost results that inform your decision-making process and build trust with donors, partners, and stakeholders. your evaluation should be impartial, to produce results that are objective, unbiased, and credible. your evaluations should satisfy ethical standards.

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ethics is about the respect for the people the evaluator deals with and is conscious of human rights and gender equality. this builds trust and confidence with stakeholders and enhances the credibility of your evaluation. build the capacity strengthening into your systems of m&e. this focuses on key aspects such as adherence to ethics and set norms, utilisation of evaluation competencies, education and training. evaluation needs an enabling environment that values evaluation as the basis for accountability, evidence-based decision-making, and learning. this highlights the importance of evaluation within your project or organisation. this allows the head of evaluation to plan, design, manage and conduct evaluation activities in alignment with the uneg norms and standards for evaluation. evaluation results and recommendations should form part of the backbone of your organisation’s policies and programmes.

before designing the relevant indicators and tools for a project you will need to review the capacity of the project in the context of the implementation environment. the m&e capacity checklist can be used to guide the project review process. each of the proposed tools and indicators to follow on this website have been rated based on the level of m&e capacity and the level of commitment/importance of m&e in the context of the project – determined using the checklist. basic support to project to be provided and focus on building project m&e capacity and introducing basic tools for data collection, and project will be covered in our organisational reporting processes. 3-5: project has some level of dedicated m&e capacity (human and financial) and m&e/learning forms part of project approach.

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6-10: project is well resourced in terms of mature/advanced level of m&e (dedicated project budget, prioritised by stakeholders and embedded in project approach). focus support on refining and advancing current m&e practices. note: it is important to note that this checklist is meant to help categorise your project to identify the most suitable m&e approach and tools based on the project size, duration, capacity etc. use this excel template to assess the m&e capacity of your project / initiative / campaign and to choose the most suitable tools to continue this m&e journey. (valdis krebs and june holley) the nps provides a quick and simple way to gather information on how we can improve our various interventions, generally in the most practical ways. the goalkeepers tracked a set of domains relevant to their current and intended project stage.