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monthly to do list template is a monthly to do list sample that gives infomration on monthly to do list design and format. when designing monthly to do list example, it is important to consider monthly to do list template style, design, color and theme. the simple weekly to-do list template is great for people who like to have their week planned out in advance. another template for those who like to plan in advance, this weekly to-do list template with monthly goals gives you a broader view of your tasks for the week and the month to come. the main advantage of this template over regular to-do templates is that it has a stopwatch next to each task. each subtask contains a stopwatch and a color-coded dropdown list to mark the status of the task.

monthly to do list overview

once you complete a task, write it down in the table below and move on to the next one. at the bottom of the template, you can mark your productivity level for that day or month (whichever makes more sense to you) on a scale from 1 to 5. this to-do list template is great for people who like to have an overview of their monthly tasks, but also like the added benefit of tracking the time that goes into their daily work. the monthly to-do list template for entrepreneurs contains a simple list for the tasks you wish to complete this month, along with a designated space for your main monthly goal and the top 3 areas of your business you wish to focus on. this type of software is extremely useful for people who deal with a long list of tasks on a daily basis and need a reliable way to categorize and manage them.

the monthly todo list allows you to sort your long term todos from your short term todos. here is a trigger list to get you thinking of any open loops that might be taking up brain space and need to be on a list. go through each item on your list, one-by-one, and highlight any item that you identify as a long term todo. anything that does not need to be done this week is a long term todo. on to creating your monthly todo list! just as we do with the weekly todo list, organize your long term todos by category.

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monthly to do list guide

during the week, as new things come up outside of what you’ve already planned, capture this on to your monthly todo list. during my weekly review and planning time, i’ll refer to my monthly todo list and add or subtract new tasks as needed. i use the monthly todo list to help me build out my next week’s plan. for example, i may have a big upcoming professional development session i need to plan. at the top of one of the columns on my monthly todo list, i’ll write this as the “category” then list off everything i need to get done in my planning as a todo beneath this project. this is why the time & todo planner is set-up with a new monthly todo list for each month. to remind you to review your previous month’s todos, and start fresh for the next month.

a monthly to do list template is an invaluable tool to keep you organized and on top of your monthly goals. a monthly to do list template is a very effective organizational tool as it gives us an overall picture of the tasks that need to be completed at a glance. before creating your monthly to do list template, set aside a few minutes to sit quietly and brainstorm. i make a special effort to keep on top of my admin and paperwork to stop it from piling up. once a month i go through paperwork that has accumulated during the previous month. at the end of each month, i allocate about an hour to review my to do list and the status of current projects to ensure that i’m on track. i also set goals and prepare my to do list for the following month.

consider reviewing your bank account, credit card statements, and the status of online purchases at least once a month to ensure that there are no unusual or fraudulent transactions. decide which ones apply to you and include them on your monthly to do list. on another occasion, arrange to have a family outing. to begin each month on top form, i arrange to have a therapeutic massage in the first week of the month. i recommend using a separate monthly to do list template for work and personal tasks. if you are unsure how to prioritize tasks, check out the following articles: eat that frog method or eisenhower decision matrix. use template 3 if your tasks don’t have to be completed on a specific date and you prefer to distribute the tasks evenly throughout the month. the tasks you include on your monthly to do list template will vary depending on your lifestyle and your personal needs.