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msp customer onboarding checklist template is a msp customer onboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on msp customer onboarding checklist design and format. when designing msp customer onboarding checklist example, it is important to consider msp customer onboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. onboarding includes everything from the point where a managed services agreement is signed to when your services go live. establish a framework to optimize your time and minimize the risk of errors. for example, if you’re using a customer relationship management platform to create your survey, you can sync the answers directly to your client’s account in the crm. begin by assigning the appropriate team members to your client based on their size and the services to be rendered. use a welcome kit to reiterate the terms of your agreement, highlight the working process, and reinforce your brand.

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once you’re through these first steps, the assigned account manager should reach out to the client and schedule a kickoff meeting. remote monitoring and management (rmm) are crucial for managing your clients and keeping an eye on their systems, making this a crucial step in the onboarding process for any msp. kickoff meetings have a few purposes that are central to the msp client onboarding process. first and foremost, they give you a chance to introduce your team to the client stakeholders they will be working with. be sure to use the best software to support that process to further streamline and optimize your operations from onboarding to exit.

it is a crucial stage that will influence your long-term relationship with the client. creating a positive first impression will help you keep the client in the long haul. it’s easy to see how much time a client onboarding checklist of this type can take. liongard does the onboarding documentation work of a full-time employee in hours rather than months, adding more profitability to your bottom line while ensuring you have insight into your customer’s environment on day one. using liongard, teamlogic it – memphis has provided a seamless customer experience during the onboarding process. once you set it up the first time, you can rely on your data and documentation being up to date.” getting to know your clients is vital for a successful relationship.

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a bird’s-eye view of business information will help you align your services with client expectations. a personal training session or a webinar can be helpful to familiarize your client’s team with any new support software you’re introducing to the company. a meeting between the client and your it team may include: once you and your client are on the same page, it’s time to sign a service-level agreement. regular reports are a great opportunity to touch base with clients and showcase your service’s value for the company. it would help if you kept in touch more frequently than usual at the start of your relationship with a client. this includes your client’s it hardware manufacturer, any hardware warranties or warranty contracts, and other third party details, including: once the client’s onboarding process is complete, you can begin integrating the client’s system with your services. see firsthand how automating the steps on your it onboarding checklist with liongard lets you add new customers quickly and easily.

they choose to make the entire process more difficult and tedious than it needs to be. it’s not surprising that the mishandling of this critical opportunity to set a solid groundwork leads to a negative experience for the client, resulting in poor long-term retention and increased early churn. you shouldn’t have to do anything, since the body of the email has been prepared for you, pulling in all relevant data automatically. once you receive the contract back from the client, make sure it’s signed and upload a copy to the form field in this task. perhaps you already have a welcome email prepared for situations like this.

you’ll need to insert a link to your own questionnaire into the body of the email below; other than that, just make sure the information looks correct and send it off. check the text in the body of the email below, then hit the send button to schedule a date for setting up new managed services for your client. prepare a list of tasks for your client to complete to achieve their first milestone and complete the onboarding process. make sure antivirus is installed on all of the client’s machines, using the sub-checklist below to keep track of installation progress. if you have a knowledge base or wiki link, this is a great time to share that with them. you’ve already confirmed the go-live date in your kickoff call with the client; now send them a reminder email with the date you agreed on.