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msp onboarding template is a msp onboarding sample that gives infomration on msp onboarding design and format. when designing msp onboarding example, it is important to consider msp onboarding template style, design, color and theme. consequently, you’ll have known how to foster new relationships in a way that retains clients for the long haul. the issue here is that organizations are yet to implement a standard msp client onboarding process for every single customer. now, to introduce such clients to your range of tech services, you need a well-streamlined msp onboarding framework. since managed services are extensively dynamic, it would be impossible to proceed with the same contract for every single client. although you might have already seen a wide range of msp service level agreements, it would be a bad idea to draft the entire contract yourself. additionally, you should consider handing them a starter pack guide with brief details about your company and the services the client should expect to receive.

msp onboarding overview

so, to set the ball rolling, introduce your entire it team to the client. in essence, the type of solution you set up should grant you offsite access to your client’s network and infrastructure. as a result, you should be able to service your client’s systems without necessarily visiting the site physically. so, of course, you might want to get them accustomed to any new tools you roll out on their end. you can now consider the onboarding process done and maybe even mark it complete on your professional service automation system. the reviews provide an opportunity for you to identify any concerns the customer is having about the transition to your services. and that shouldn’t be difficult at all, considering the strong ties you get to establish with the client from the word go, thanks to a structured msp client onboarding checklist.

provide and manage user access to resources from a trusted device, including passwordless access via device biometric authenticators. client onboarding is the process of integrating and introducing new clients to your msp’s products and services. the next piece of information you’ll need (or need to develop) is a list of your client’s users, teams, departments, and user groups. the inventory tab in our onboarding tool is designed to collect a detailed inventory of all client hardware, including computers, networking equipment, servers, and printers.

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msp onboarding guide

while your client may or may not have a list already, it’s critical that you create one, and keep it up to date throughout your management relationship. you can also consider including the following: a guide like this is a chance to start everyone off with a positive experience, and on the same page. as you begin to import devices to your psa, ensure each device and asset is associated with the correct service-level agreement. this helps you demonstrate your value to the client, and gives them visibility into the behind-the-scenes effort they may not otherwise be privy to. and don’t forget to visit our msp community page for resources and discussions to ensure you get off to the best start possible with your newest clients!

after agreeing to the terms of a new deal and signing the contract, most companies take a victory lap to celebrate the big win and bask in the glory that new revenue brings. there are last-minute details to quickly finalize so team members can start working through their new client onboarding process. the msp onboarding checklist is a crucial tool for ensuring client success. organized and refined methodologies for bringing on a new client and introducing them to new policies and procedures increases an msp’s likelihood of establishing a strong customer relationship. an msp’s onboarding checklist must effectively address each of those areas to be sure new clients (and all their employees) understand the various roles and responsibilities.

every firm selling managed services should document and refine its processes and best practices for bringing on new customers. before an it services team can provide the best possible support, they need to know what the client’s company does and how most of the moving parts fit together. each step should help it services professionals extract critical information, instill a process or connect people to the proper resources and ensure a smooth transition from sales. the technical team steps back into a support role while the account manager evaluates, monitors and responds to potential issues and “handholds” new clients as they adapt to changes in their it environment. while msps may add new service accounts and technologies to the customers’ it ecosystems and tweak work environments, they often employ similar processes at regular intervals during their client engagements. we’re trusted by thousands of service providers to get paid on time, every time, all while saving time.