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ndis audit checklist template is a ndis audit checklist sample that gives infomration on ndis audit checklist design and format. when designing ndis audit checklist example, it is important to consider ndis audit checklist template style, design, color and theme. an independent approved quality auditor will assess your organisation against the components of the ndis practice standards that are relevant to the services and supports you deliver. as part of an application for registration or renewal, it is the applicant’s responsibility to engage an approved quality auditor to assess your organisation’s compliance with the ndis practice standards. registration requirements and the ndis practice standards apply in proportion to the size, scale and type of supports and services your organisation delivers. because of the existing obligations of these providers to their relevant professional bodies, or the less complex support types delivered, the provider will engage an approved quality auditor to complete a desktop review of the required documentary evidence outlined for each profession in the verification module.

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in a certification audit, providers are assessed against the ndis practice standards which may include assessment against the core module and any supplementary module relevant to the type of support they deliver. registered ndis providers who deliver higher-risk and more complex supports requiring a certification audit are required to undergo a mid-term audit as a condition of their registration. a requirement to undertake an audit and the timing of an audit may be imposed as a condition on any registered ndis provider under section 73g of the ndis act. for ndis providers who require verification, this document outlines the evidence that auditors must receive in order to assess conformity with the verification module of the ndis practice standards. we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land where we work and live.

at global compliance certification, we’re committed to helping our customers understand their requirements and making the auditing experience as easy and as stress-free as possible. 1. familiarise yourself with the ndis legislation amendment (quality indicators) 2021 the ndis commission made 3 new practice standards in 2021. these amendments are essential changes to the ndis act to improve the support and protections provided to ndis participants who may be at risk of harm. being registered means your business meets the quality and safeguard requirements of ndis providers. a comprehensive checklist will be provided to you if you decide to undertake your audit with gcc. you will also have an ndis audit coordinator to assist you with any questions you have.

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ndis audit checklist guide

the focus areas of the audit will be: • policies and procedures (systems) to meet the ndis practice standards and quality indicators relevant to your scope. 4. make sure you have right qualification for your applied registration group the required qualifications for each occupation group are set by the ndis commission and consider professional registration requirements and the industry requirements. our checklist document outlines the qualification required for each registration group 5. make documents available and prepare participants for interview when you’re ready to proceed with your audit, you can share all your supporting documents with us via dropbox, onedrive, google drive or a similar file share platform. interviews may be also conducted via telephone or zoom at the preference of the participant. we have gcc auditors in sydney, melbourne, brisbane, perth, adelaide, newcastle, wollongong, bendigo, ballarat, gold coast, sunshine coast, geelong, mornington peninsula, and other regional areas.

however, there are several aspects of operating an ndis business to be aware of and ensure you understand beyond the services you provide. an ndis audit is a systematic review of your business operations, policies, procedures and financial records. when you register your business with the ndia, you will need to undertake a mandatory audit within 12 to 18 months. these include providing the ndia with receipts and invoices relevant to your services over the last 12 months and explaining why certain supports are required. beyond your initial mandatory audit, the frequency of ndis audits varies and will be influenced by factors such as your business’ size, performance and compliance history. a verification audit is a routine check for smaller ndis providers delivering low-risk support.

the process is as follows: a certification audit is a comprehensive assessment of ndis service providers offering high-risk support. collate evidence that your business has adhered to the ndis code of conduct. keep a record of staff training and competencies relevant to ndis requirements. given all the things you need to think about as an ndis business owner, ensuring that your record-keeping and compliance are always up to date can be overwhelming. by understanding the ins and outs of ndis audits, your business will be well-placed to handle the process when it inevitably arises. download our ndis audit checklist to ensure that your business is well-prepared for a successful ndis audit.