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needs list template is a needs list sample that gives infomration on needs list design and format. when designing needs list example, it is important to consider needs list template style, design, color and theme. with needs the definition in nonviolent communication is different enough from the standard dictionary definition that i think it is better to just give the nvc usage of needs. the other words on the nvc need list are variations of the basic seven. saying, “i need you to clean your room,” does not fit the nvc model for use of the word need. for me i like negative because it tells me there is something wrong (usually my thinking) and if i identify the need i am in the solution phase. if you can identify the need that is causing the upset you will notice a calming affect. one thing that is emphasized in nvc is knowing the difference between needs and strategies for meeting needs. i need you to pick up after yourself is an expression of a strategy.

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sticking to needs is a real challenge for most people, we have been trained by society to fix things. test your ability to recognize clear expressions of needs with the needs challenge. the need for growth (self actualization) is most important of all. find solutions that open doors and turn frustration into the joy of taking on a challenge. the duck at the top of the picture looks like he has a bad haircut or toupee. my intention is to have a place where people can go to find improvement in their emotional states. positive emotions mean you are in alignment with your values and negative emotions let you know that you are thinking in a way that conflicts with your values. on pages where i want the focus and use of page space devoted to processes, then i have used a pop out menu.