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this document provides an introduction to ajax and demonstrates some of the features in the netbeans ide that allow you to program faster and more efficiently when working with ajax-related technologies. a default entry page is generated and opens in the ide’s source editor. the onkeyup attribute that you typed in above points to a javascript function named docompletion(). data is passed in the background, and can be automatically loaded into the page without requiring a page refresh. you also create a composer class that enables the servlet to retrieve data from entries in the hashmap.

you will notice that a warning is displayed in the left margin of the editor because the composer class cannot be found. you recall that in docompletion(), callback was set as the xmlhttprequest.onreadystatechange property to a function. this results in a dynamic update to the contents of the complete-table element. each time you type in a character, an asynchronous request is sent to the server, and returned with xml data that has been prepared by autocompleteservlet. you can verify the xml data that is sent from the server as a result of the asynchronous request made when a user enters a character in the auto-complete field.

this example shows how you can do real time auto-completion using asynchronous javascript and xml (ajax) ajax programming with netbeans. netbeans is a free software provided by sun for programming in multiple languages. the right mouse button on the project name (ajaxdemo in our example) and netbeans jquery ajax template. this is one of my netbeans code completion templates that i use for jquery ajax , jquery ajax, jquery ajax, ajax tutorial, ajax database, understanding ajax.

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