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network site survey checklist template is a network site survey checklist sample that gives infomration on network site survey checklist design and format. when designing network site survey checklist example, it is important to consider network site survey checklist template style, design, color and theme. a well-executed site survey ensures that your wireless network will perform with optimal coverage and performance. this is our step-by-step guide to completing a successful wireless site survey in the wi-fi 6e era. before performing the site survey itself, it’s important to consider your requirements for the wireless network. how many client devices will be accessing the network simultaneously? decide if you will implement the latest standard like wi-fi 6e (802.11ax) for the fastest speeds. the next step is getting a diagram of the area your network will cover. on the floor plan, note the locations of walls, stairwells, elevators, and other elements that may block wireless signals. floor plans are helpful, but they don’t tell the whole story. you’ll need to do a full walkthrough of the wireless coverage area, noting anything significant that isn’t present on the blueprints. look out for places where wireless access points can be mounted, such as ceilings and pillars, and note the locations of existing network closets and access points.

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offices, meeting rooms, and break rooms are typically key. is good coverage also needed in hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, and elevators? based on the above considerations, come up with initial ideas for access point locations. be sure to check the coverage range of your access points. these allow you to virtually map out access point placements for optimal coverage. based on the survey data, finalize the optimal locations for reliable connectivity on the floor plan diagram. document the final wi-fi access point locations and wireless infrastructure plan. schedule a free consultation with us to start the upgrade process today! as you can see, there are many steps that go into a successful wireless site survey. contact us to get started on your wireless site survey today.

a wireless site survey isn’t required but is definitely recommended if you want to make sure your wireless network installation is done right the first time. the best way to understand the intended use of your network is to simply count the number of devices that are connected to the wifi on a normal day. the wireless site survey software will generate a hefty and informational report that will highlight how access points will perform in your environment as well as the best locations to install access points for both optimal coverage and capacity.

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it’s recommend to choose a wireless site survey company that also offers managed wifi services so that your annual wireless checkup is covered by the same team that configured your wifi network. the old method of placing access points did indeed recommend that you place the access points in central locations, however times have changed and as commercial wireless demands are growing exponentially every year, the new train of thought is to place access points where they are going to be used the most. if you’re experiencing issues with your wireless network or perhaps you are moving or opening an new office and want to setup your wireless network the right way, contact our team for a free wireless network consultation and schedule your site survey today. built on years of experience and nurtured through ongoing education, our engineers are redefining service delivery to align with the most important needs of our customers.

the purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for proper planning, preparation, and identification of the key items to check through the analysis of a survey report. it is a good practice to view ap heat maps individually and verify the actual size of the coverage. you cannot recalibrate the map after the survey is performed to repair survey data that was taken when the map calibration was not properly scaled. it is recommended to scan only the channels that are in use by the wireless infrastructure. the primary objective of a post-validation site survey is to provide detailed information that addresses the current rf coverage and determines whether there is sufficient coverage to support the network design requirements. snr is the ratio of a given transmitted signal to the background noise on that channel.

additionally, this is a possible reason as to why it appears that adjacent aps on the same floor have dynamically chosen the same channel. check the ap radio neighbor list in order to verify bleed through and verify whether you detect aps that are on different floors at a strong signal level. this is because of the lower complexity schemes to encode the data;  the signal can be understood at a lower snr. for example, if you have voice services in the environment, you are likely to have a higher density deployment and must disable the lower data rates to improve performance (guideline for 792x is 12 mbps as lowest). in this situation, the ap sends multicast/broadcast frames at the highest mandatory rate that is lower than or equal to all of the current client transmission rates. with the auto scan mode enabled (by default), the cisco unified wireless ip phone 7925g, 7925g-ex, and 7926g idle (not on call), auto scan only scans when the current signal lowers to the scan threshold, so only a single ap is visible in the list. with unified wireless ip phone 7925g, 7925g-ex, and 7926g release 1.4(2), neighbors are listed in order from the strongest signal to the weakest signal with the use of auto-rssi, 802.11a or 802.11b/g mode.