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all discussion in this document relating to the location and definition of odbc data sources is for unixodbc. you can also find the entire odbc reference in older versions of the odbc sdk and online at microsoft’s web site. a number of the odbc apis accept string pointers and return strings to user supplied buffers. in the above case you pass a pointer to a buffer to receive the cursor name, the length of that buffer (so it is not overrun) and a pointer to a sqlsmallint in which is written the length of the returned string. connecting to your odbc driver is perhaps one of the largest subjects in odbc as sqldriverconnect can be called in many different ways; this introductory tutorial will cover the simplest case of connecting to a named data source you have already created and further tutorials will expand on this.

in windows and unix gui (graphical user interface) environments you start the odbc administrator and select your driver where you will be presented with a dialog you use to name and define the data source. odbc defines a set of informational types you can retrieve which describe the odbc driver, driver manager and data source. a result-set is a list of rows and columns in a statement which you can retrieve e.g. this example does not attempt to cover all the odbc apis used completely and does not include proper error checking but it is a working program which we can also use to cover compilation and linking. if you are reporting a bug in the oob odbc driver for which you obtained an error you should always quote the odbc function called, the error text and this native number.

the tutorial provides c code samples that illustrate each technique it introduces along with a sample program that for example: $ ls listdsns.c util.c $ cc -i/usr/local/easysoft/unixodbc/include listdsns.c \ -o listdsns this c++ sample application demonstrates how to use the odbc apis to connect to and access a sql , odbc tutorial, odbc tutorial, c%2B%2B odbc library, odbc query example, odbc driver.

this example shows a c implementation of odbc that connects a client to a sybase iq database. you can find this this example describes the superapp database as a microsoft access database whose odbc driver is the sample application uses the odbchol/ , how odbc works, odbc driver sample code, odbc driver sample code, odbc data source, easysoft odbc driver

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