okr review meeting agenda

the okr review is one of the four major events in the okr process, along with okr planning, okr weekly, and okr retrospective. the purpose here is to evaluate and analyze, why okrs were achieved or not achieved. in addition, okr reviews help to find a baseline for the okrs of the next cycle or to decide whether certain okrs are still relevant or not. in this exercise, the list of objectives is simply gone through from beginning to end. the key results themselves do not need to be listed, as this would just make the list harder to read.

after working through the okrs according to the previous exercise, a number of objectives have probably already been identified that will be carried into the next cycle. at this point, it is important to document a short list and create a common understanding of why the objectives should be included. firstly, it is essential that every team member is up to speed by the start of the next cycle. this collective knowledge also serves as a starting point for the formulation of goals for the next cycle. in this way, a climate of continuous improvement is intended to be created. and last but not least: an okr review at the end of a successful cycle strengthens the team spirit and boosts motivation for the next cycle.

this method of goal setting makes sure no team is working in a silo, and that everyone is working together toward the company’s most important goals. as a best practice for team meetings, we suggest holding weekly meetings that are structured off of the team’s objectives and key results. for example, have everyone update their okrs every monday, and meet to discuss on tuesday. this way, the meeting doesn’t get sidetracked, and the team can really stay focused on the most important work that needs to get done. the focus of these meetings should be on reviewing behind or at-risk okrs, with an emphasis on blockers and what actions can correct the course of the okr.

if you’re a team manager, make sure to have 1:1 discussions with each of your team members to review their okrs and give your feedback. you should assess and score their okrs and share with your team members why you gave them the score you did. evaluate that goal and see if it is still relevant and attainable for the next period. continuous feedback from employees to teams, and teams to senior leadership is an important part of the okr progress and building transparency. the success of an okr program will depend on key stakeholders, who should be fully bought in and committed to using the framework effectively. the okr framework is more than just a goal management method, it also allows for a cultural shift to a more transparent and focused organization, with everyone aligned, from the ceo down to individual employees.

an okr review meeting is a regular meeting to review okr progress, identify blockers, and align on next steps helps ensure your company can meet okrs. the purpose here is to evaluate and analyze, why okrs were achieved or not achieved. the insights gained can then help teams prioritize better the ultimate objective of the okr planning meeting is to discuss and decide the company’s objectives and how to measure them objectively. deciding the okr for, okr review template, okr review template, okr review examples, okr planning meeting agenda, okr review meaning.

a meeting agenda with okrs makes it clear what the priorities are compared to the broader individual or departmental updates. learn more here. identify any rollover okrs and prioritize based on other priorities. validate any adjustments made to company-level priorities and draft teams level okrs. hold an okr check-in is a quick 15-20 minute meeting where you and your team reflect on the progress of team okrs and set new priorities for the upcoming week. the, okr meeting structure, okr meeting meaning.

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