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onboarding agenda template is a onboarding agenda sample that gives infomration on onboarding agenda design and format. when designing onboarding agenda example, it is important to consider onboarding agenda template style, design, color and theme. unlock the potential of templates in fellow, the all-in-one meeting management platform for fewer and smarter meetings. are all relevant resources and materials prepared for the new hire’s first day? share important company information with the new hire. this includes company values, culture, special achievements, and roadmaps for main objectives.‍ walk the newcomer through a typical week here. include information such as typical operating hours, where they can park, how they will access the building, and what the company dress code is.‍ take the new employee on a tour around the office. ‍ review the new hire’s role and responsibilities. share this information here so the employee can easily reference it.‍ introduce the new employee to key stakeholders in their role. assign them a mentor who can assist them in getting up to speed.‍ is there any training material or required reading? you can share this prior to the first day if appropriate.‍ did the new hire raise any interesting questions or noteworthy topics during the employee onboarding process?

onboarding agenda format

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note this information here to share and make actionable.‍ plan to review the onboarding process over the next 60 days. regularly check in with the new employee for their opinion. your onboarding process is your opportunity to integrate a new employee properly into your culture. make it count and make sure your new hire is ready to hit the ground running with our employee onboarding template. the first few days of a new employee’s experience sets the tone. on the other hand, great onboarding can accelerate company growth and performance. this employee onboarding template provides everything you need to make your new hire feel welcomed, engaged, and prepared for their role. but no two employee onboarding methods are the same. this flexible meeting note template gives you all the essentials you need while leaving room for your unique input.