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onboarding and offboarding checklist template is a onboarding and offboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on onboarding and offboarding checklist design and format. when designing onboarding and offboarding checklist example, it is important to consider onboarding and offboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. employee onboarding and offboarding are the bookends of the employee life cycle. you’ve recently moved to a new apartment in the city, and although you’re just a bit nervous about your first day, you show up dressed for success and ready to take on the challenge. imagine instead you’re fresh out of high school exam week, summer break has begun, and your parents made you get a job as a counselor at the local day camp to earn money for your college fund. they’ve spent a ton of money on their onboarding program but not much thought, and the result is a jarring, confidence-shattering transition from onboarding to working. however, if there is not a formal onboarding process in place, it should be easy for you to start with the above and adapt it to your organization’s needs.

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it’s the other bookend to the employee life cycle, and that matters. the bulk of most employee offboarding programs are determined not by legal requirements, but by your organization’s priorities and concerns in three main areas: relationship maintenance can be expressed as the organization’s desire to preserve a positive relationship with departing employees. making relationship maintenance part of your employee offboarding process can improve engagement and loyalty in current staff, and it increases the likelihood that they will recommend you to friends and colleagues as a great employer after they leave. whether it takes the form of a checklist similar to the outline above or offboarding software, it’s critical that any time you are terminating an employee they are receiving the same attention and treatment as any other employee who has left for the same reason. while terminating an employee can be a difficult or even unpleasant experience, that’s also the reason you should prepare for it with a consistent and thoughtful plan.

offboarding is the series of actions and procedures that result in the official parting of ways between an employee and an organization due to resignation, dismissal, or retirement. an employee offboarding checklist details all of the necessary tasks that must be done when an employee leaves the company. the employee offboarding checklist has many different elements. depending on the situation, such as your business culture, or the circumstances of their departure, you and the employee may choose a formal announcement in a company meeting, a more informal email, or even just a reference to it in a team huddle. this can be a great way to give the new hire a heads up on some factors relating to the job that might not be covered in a standard training course.

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it can be helpful to draw up a list of these company assets so that you can be sure that all have been recovered in advance. exit interviews are an essential part of the employee offboarding process. the offboarding activities mentioned above, while not particularly complex, can be time-consuming and easy to miss if completed manually. starting with our readymade offboarding template, you can detail all the unique tasks that need to be accomplished, assign them to individuals, and make sure that you never miss a step. the employee offboarding checklist process is just one of many hr processes you can create inside kissflow hr cloud to build your own suite of automated processes. but, by using kissflow’s hr cloud clear-cut technology, you can automate many of the otherwise laborious, manual tasks to make the whole process smoother and easier for all parties.