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onboarding offboarding checklist template is a onboarding offboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on onboarding offboarding checklist design and format. when designing onboarding offboarding checklist example, it is important to consider onboarding offboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. how you say goodbye to a departing employee says just as much about how you welcome a new team member to the fold. there’s a lot here, so we created an offboarding checklist template to help you zip through the offboarding process. ask the leaving employee how they want you to deliver the news and if they’re comfortable with you sharing more details about their departure—like reasons for leaving and future plans. document all the meetings and training to have it ready for their replacement. make sure you have a plan to recover your company’s property. your company’s systems may contain sensitive information, and you probably don’t want everyone in the world to have access to it.

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make sure you update the organization’s chart after a teammate leaves. listen to the feedback you receive. you should also thank the leaving team member for their efforts. if it’s for a growth opportunity, feel good about the part you played in helping them get ready to spread their wings. offboarding is important for both the team member leaving and your current team because it helps facilitate knowledge transfer and allows you to improve processes. onboarding aims to welcome new team members and familiarize them with their new roles.

just like the process of onboarding new hires, by dealing with the paperwork aspects of offboarding first, you can focus on the human element to ensure a smooth transition for the employee and organization. this can be important for maintaining a positive reputation and for potentially rehiring the employee in the future. this helps provide a notice (typically 2 to 4 weeks) so that every party involved with the employee can stay informed. you will also be able to track the dates the employee signed or acknowledged documents for reporting purposes.

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provide them with the necessary login information and documentation of their options so they can make informed decisions. are you tired of the hassle and paperwork that comes with employee offboarding? with goco, you can automate the offboarding process and focus on creating a positive last experience for your departing team members. conducting an employee exit interview is an important part of the offboarding process, as it allows the departing employee to share their experiences and feedback with the company. by taking a human approach to a sometimes uncomfortable process, you can create a thoughtful and smooth experience for the departing employee so that their final memories of their time with your company are positive.