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onboarding timeline template is a onboarding timeline sample that gives infomration on onboarding timeline design and format. when designing onboarding timeline example, it is important to consider onboarding timeline template style, design, color and theme. giving your new hires a positive onboarding experience is an opportunity to make a good first impression and give a better experience in the employee lifecycle. but this part of the process can also be personalized to address certain questions that new employees may have before arriving on their first day. for example, the pre-boarding phase can be used to provide the new employee with the logistical details of their first day, the office dress code if they will be working on site, provide an employee handbook and inform them of other company policies they should be aware of before starting. this is also a good opportunity to get feedback from the employee on the pace of their learning and whether they have all the resources they need for self efficacy.

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the idea is to allow new employees to feel that they have a future at the company and that they can see themselves succeeding there in the long-term. not only is it important that employees are able to produce the results that are expected, but also that they are fitting in with their team and with the values of the organization. tools for communication: you may send welcome messages, information on incentives, and resources to acquaint them with your organization even before the first day. every step of the onboarding process can indeed be effectively and carefully carried out every time a new team member is welcomed to the business with all of your hr tools unified into a single platform which can be observed in peoplespheres.

understanding the different onboarding phases will help you create a strong strategy to engage new employees, improve retention, and help them adapt to your company’s culture and procedures. even a small miscommunication and misunderstanding can make them doubtful of their decision to join your company. the last and final stage of onboarding, here you need to create a long-term plan. the whole point of onboarding is to provide new employees clarity— on what their job is, how to do it, what’s expected of them, who to report to and ask for help, and the “unsaid rules” that are typically a part of a company’s culture. you also want the new employees to build strong relationships with their co-workers and help them quickly adapt to your company’s culture and processes.

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you can read the new hire’s body language to understand how comfortable they are and check in on them throughout the day to smoothen the transition. zavvy’s employee onboarding experience software streamlines and structures onboarding by giving new hires the tools and templates they need to succeed. you want to introduce them to the team and the office and familiarize them with your partners, customers, and competitors. these associates are responsible for providing the new hires with all the resources they need to work and making them feel welcomed. another reason why mailchimp’s onboarding is so effective is that the management is always open to feedback and iteration to create a more impactful experience for the new employees.