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use this calculator to add or subtract two or more time values in the form of an expression. in newton’s philosophiƦ naturalis principia mathematica, newton tackled the concepts of space and time as absolutes. relative time on the other hand, is what humans actually perceive and is a measurement of “duration” through the motion of objects, such as the sun and the moon. since this example showed that the concavity of the water was not based on an interaction between the bucket and the water, newton claimed that the water was rotating in relation to a third entity, absolute space.

it may only be a matter of time before einstein’s absolute constant of light is revoked, and humanity succeeds in traveling to the past! the number 60, having as many factors as it does, simplifies many fractions involving sexagesimal numbers, and its mathematical advantage is one of the contributing factors to its continued use today. this constituted the 24 hours that would later be known as equinoctial hours and would result in days with hours of equal length. clepsydras function based on the regulated flow of water from, or into a container where the water is then measured to determine the passage of time. the second, the si unit of time, is also calibrated based on measuring periods of the radiation of a cesium atom.

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