orientation packet template

orientation packet template is a orientation packet sample that gives infomration on orientation packet design and format. when designing orientation packet example, it is important to consider orientation packet template style, design, color and theme. here are a few ideas to help you put together an orientation packet for new hires to help them settle in just a little bit easier. it’s simply the information you give every new employee when they come on board. a hand-written welcome letter is a nice touch to help your new hire feel welcome. use your handbook to introduce your employee to processes, practices, and behaviors that are expected at your company. new hire forms that pretty much every new employee in the united states must fill out are the new employee tax forms, with the most common being the w-2. the i-9 form is commonly found in a packet of forms for new employees. according to the united states citizenship and immigration services department, the i-9 is used to verify the identity and authorization of anyone attempting to gain employment in the united states.

orientation packet format

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because of this, sometimes, the i-9 form is referred to as the “employment form.” if you are required to submit this form, be sure to include it in your employee orientation programs. if this is something your new employees are required to do, or simply want to, make sure to include it in your new employee form template in the builder above. if all of those employee hire forms are too much for you to keep track of when hiring a new employee, just add the new employee forms checklist to your new hire checklist and you will have a much more comprehensive new hire orientation presentation. while it’s important to convey this information on a new employee’s first day, it might be equally important to ensure that benefits information is easily accessible at any point. be sure to include this contact form in the process so that if the unimaginable does happen, you’ve got an action plan in place—before you need it. be sure to both introduce your new hire to people they will be working with and provide a directory of people with contact information. these new hire packet samples can be used to put together your very own new hire packet template to help onboard new employees better.