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We find them in supermarkets, in government offices, in churches, and so on. A pamphlet template is a sheet of paper with print on both sides then folded many times. Contents 1 Free Pamphlet Templates2 Important things to include on your pamphlet template3 Tri Fold Pamphlet Templates4 How does a pamphlet template differ from a brochure template?5 Wedding Pamphlet Templates6 Memorial Pamphlet Templates7 Tips for creating a pamphlet template A pamphlet template is a good tool to attract new clients or call attention to the contents inside it. Here are some essential things that you must include when creating your pamphlet template Word: A compelling image The first thing people would notice is the cover. Select images that can give the reader a clear notion of what you’re offering which can also act as an enticement to buy your product. Instead, choose clear images and of good quality.The pamphlet’s purpose You don’t have to keep the reader guessing what you’re offering. It should be very attractive and effective enough that the reader can readily discern its purpose. If you want to create a funeral pamphlet template, a wedding pamphlet template, a memorial pamphlet template, and more, clarify the purpose. The general details include your telephone number, street address, and email address. Consider all venues to make it easy for potential customers to reach out.The time and the date of the event You should inform your potential clients of the precise date and time that the event or your business will open. The “call to action” phrase should be very clear and should express to the reader the benefits of acting right away.Use clear fonts When designing the template, make sure you choose fonts that are as readable as possible. Print the most significant information like the time and the date of the event on the cover page. Don’t make your statements too complicated, keep them concise and direct to the point. Too many fonts will ruin the aesthetics as the pamphlet will look distracting, hard to read, cluttered, and amateurish.

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For all the other text, something neutral and easy to read. The other difference has to do with their design and presentation as marketing tools. Now you know what terminology to use when referring to either a pamphlet template or a brochure template. Knowing these differences will help you choose the one that’s relevant to your purpose. The vehicle showroom owners, real estate companies, banking and insurance companies use them a lot to hand out as the hard copies. Here are the most common features of brochures: They can either come bound or unbound. When you use several pages, bind them using staples, saddle stitches or the like. Unlike brochures, a pamphlet is generally non-commercial. It only deals with a single topic throughout its publication. Healthcare companies, non-profit organizations, politicians, and events coordinators use these to disseminate information about their cause. One side of the template will contain the inner flap, and the back and front covers. An easy way to align the contents of your pamphlet template and organize them is through the Grid System. The lines of the system help in aligning the different elements of your pamphlet template. Here are more pointers to consider when designing your pamphlet template: Add just the right number and kinds of images or graphics All pamphlets these days contain visual elements which are visually stunning.

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Great photographs compel your reader to pick up the pamphlet and attend your event, agree with your cause, and more. This will give a message to the reader of your dedication to quality which, consequently, will reflect on your cause. You can make use of a printing technique known as “full bleed” which will allow the printer to provide you with the visual layout you want with no unappealing white edges. If you’re hiring the services of a professional copy or print shop, call them to ensure your tri-fold pamphlet template will look the way you designed it to be.Add the text You should already have made up your mind on what to say in the front, the back, and the body of your pamphlet before it goes into printing. Recheck to ensure that the intent is easily understood, clear, and consistent. The inside pages will contain the substance or will provide pricing options. The best thing to do is to choose a single font for the whole body with a complementary font for the headers or titles. A good example of complementary fonts is serif and sans-serif fonts. Select typefaces which are easy to read and are not too flashy so that readers can easily relate to the message. Just like the fonts, avoid using too many colors in your design. Colors have links to human emotions and using these pleasingly and consistently will provide a satisfying experience for the reader. If you’re not sure what colors to use, there are plenty of resources online that can find colors for you that go well together. Save the color samples and use them as a reference when choosing the right colors for the template.Use the right size For pamphlets printed at home, you can use the standard letter size paper. Before printing in bulk, make a test print first to ensure that there are no errors in the flyers.

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You can use the Columns function with either Portrait or Landscape documents. If you are setting up some new marketing programs and want to create a three-page pamphlet, also called a trifold pamphlet, Microsoft Word 2016 through the Windows 10 operating systems make it easy. A pop-up box will open that enables you to start a new project, to open a recent project or to search through templates. Expedite your search by typing “brochure” or “trifold brochure” in the search box. When the template opens, you will see the various boxes with sample text and images.

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If you like the layout, fonts and colors, all you need to do is click on the text box and highlight the text to type in your own custom content. Select the one you want for that section. Save the file with the name you want. Once you have a final version, you can use this as a template for future versions and updated pamphlets. Select Custom Margins and the layout options will appear.

Choose the Landscape layout. Select OK and then move to the Columns tab under the same Page Layout menu option. You can either type the text directly in or you can Insert text boxes via the insert tab. Play with font types, sizes and the Word Art option to see various ways to add dynamic features to your pamphlet. Save the file before closing.