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want to dive deeper into how you can get real results fast with pega? come and join us for an exploratory hour of software demos, shown in our innovation hub! follow in the footsteps of your customers, as we show you how to engage them in ways that matter to them, serve them simply and with speed, and how to do it all intelligently – working smarter to be ready for anything!

future-proof your business in ways you never imagined. closed captioning will be available during keynotes in english, french, german, italian, japanese, portuguese, and spanish. from maximizing customer lifetime value to streamlining service to boosting efficiency, we help the world’s leading brands solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow. our solutions save people time, so our clients’ employees and customers can get back to what matters most.

she is currently leading the customer care team integration for t-mobile and sprint, as part of one of the largest mergers in the wireless industry. she thrives from creating momentum for change and is driven not only to help businesses grow and their people too. he followed stanford’s executive programme at the graduate school of business in 2011. alan trefler is a visionary leader, technology change-agent, innovative philanthropist, and a trusted advisor to business executives around the world. however, his passion and support for chess, the game’s community and current champions continues to this day. inspired, he founded pega in 1983 with the vision of creating software that is easy to use and accessible to everyone – businesspeople and it alike.

today, pega software is used by some of the most successful and recognized brands as well as government agencies around the word. he and his wife pam are champions of education and community support, founding the trefler foundation in 1999 to support and improve education and workforce development, health care, and healthy lifestyles. through his leadership of over 1,000 engineers, product managers, designers, and architects at pega, kerim’s focus is to build a suite of best-in-class products that transform businesses around the world. he has over 25 years of experience delivering enterprise software solutions for fortune 500 organizations, with a focus on digital transformation, customer experience, ai, automation, and cloud. and, since 1983, we’ve built our scalable architecture and low-code platform to stay ahead of rapid change.

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