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it is the ability to recognize ability.” –robert half quarterly performance reviews are an important piece of communication between an employer and employee. facilitating better working relationships is crucial to the survival of any company, and quarterly performance reviews help that aspect tremendously. following through is a crucial component of quarterly performance reviews because often, things tend to go right back to the way they were. fellow has created this quarterly performance review template to help you make the most out of your meeting and facilitate your interaction with your reporting employees.

the first step of your quarterly performance review template is to ensure you have collected enough data and examples for your feedback to be transparent while objective. for this section of the quarterly performance review template, it is good to start on a positive note. in concluding the quarterly performance review template, allow your employee to give you feedback regarding areas where they need more support. more than a judge, your employees have to see you as a coach – and sometimes all they need to know is that you are confident in their ability to improve.

it can feel like you’re gearing up for a confrontation — but maybe it’s not as hard as you’d think. the employee should understand that the purpose of the meeting is to establish what they can and should do to succeed going forward. as you’ll see we believe in starting with goals, moving to strengths and ending with a conversation on improvements. while it might seem more natural to finish with setting goals for the future — we submit that discussing goals first will help to better frame the rest of the performance review conversation. if you want an employee to be a future leader, but they’re just here to count time until their art career takes off, then that will change the rest of the conversation. this will also help you better understand what the employee believes is high performance. frame any accomplishments with the “why” it matters to help place them with their impact on the team and organization.

push back if the employee fixates on accomplishments that you don’t believe are as impactful. the truth is you can’t know who the employee is as a person, all you know is your own perceptions and facts. strengths are only as valuable as the accomplishments they generate. when discussing improvements, it’s important to give the employee a chance to be self-aware and bring up their own ideas for improving. giving concrete examples is also a helpful tool in this portion of the review, in order to avoid misinterpretation. make it clear that your intentions behind criticism and feedback are to clarify expectations, to provide direction for the coming year, and to help the employee move from good to great. for annual reviews, quarterly goals, continuous feedback and everything in between, we reduce the burden on hr and create a simple experience for your employees.

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