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this solution assumes you’re using the internet to communicate. the important things to know are where you’re going (the peeraddr and peerport parameters) and how you’re getting there (the type parameter). it deduces proto from the type and port if possible, and assumes tcp otherwise. peerport is an integer, the port number to connect to.

if you want a sock_stream connection to a port on a particular machine with no other options, pass a single string to io::socket::inet->new consisting of the hostname and port separated by a colon: if your packets are disappearing into a network void, it can take a while for your inability to connect to a port to be recognized. you can decrease this time by specifying a timeout parameter to io::socket::inet->new(): if you do this, though, there’s no way to tell from $! sometimes it’s better to set it up by hand instead of using a module. if you want to restrict it to a particular ip address, add a localaddr parameter to your call to io::socket::inet->new.

sample tcp client. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use socket; $port = 9999; $proto = getprotobyname(“tcp”); socket(socket, 17.1. writing a tcp client for tcp-like communication within a single machine , see recipe 17.6. the socket , bind , connect , and gethostbyname functions in chapter 3 of programming perl and in the address family (for tcp/ip, that’s af_inet, probably 2 on your system). the port number (for example 21). the , perl socket, perl socket, perl socket recv, perl echo server, perl socket timeout.

perl example code for udp client and server; read and write descriptor list using select(io::select). like our clients, we’ll still specify “tcp” here. in our sample, we’ll use port 9000, but you can use any port that’s not currently in #!/usr/bin/perl -w use io::socket; use net::hostent; # for oo version of the basic idea behind sockets (as with all tcp-based client/server for example, in the following line, the sh file handle is associated with the newly #!/usr/local/bin/perl use socket; require “”;., perl udp client, perl dbi 3Econnect, perl dbi 3Econnect, perl access, database connection perl

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