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playground checklist template is a playground checklist sample that gives infomration on playground checklist design and format. when designing playground checklist example, it is important to consider playground checklist template style, design, color and theme. all playground areas and equipment should be inspected for excessive wear, deterioration and potential hazards. these can be used to ensure inspections are compliant with the manufactures specifications. if you don’t have a playground safety checklist we have provided one for you that covers the surfacing and equipment. a trained licensed professional should inspect your playground before it’s open to the public and periodically when the organization see a need. maintenance inspections should be carried out in a systematic manner by someone familiar with the playground. the question on how often the playground should be inspected is something we hear all the time at safe 2 play.

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any problem found during the inspection should be noted and fixed as soon as possible to limit your liability. remember that most of your accidents on the playground are going to be from falls and your safety surface must be maintained. high-use playgrounds should be checked frequently to ensure surfacing has not displaced significantly from under swings and climbers or at the end of slides. to maintain a constant depth under and around your equipment a marker can be placed on the support posts. the mat should be installed below or level with surfacing so as not to create a trip hazard. playground safety is the focus of our business at safe 2 play – certified matters. let’s work together and be proactive in making your playgrounds safer.