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the group leader, supervisor, lead technician/engineer or other designee, shall name the task(s) assigned to individuals in the mom group during the plan of the day meeting. each individual will review what procedure(s) they need to follow and remain in compliance with during the course of their assigned activities. this step confirms the individual is cognizant of the correct documentation to utilize and whom to contact with questions or issues as they arise. even a routine safety measure should be identified such as the use of grounding straps used in calibration of printed circuit boards. 1a)   if we have, what has changed from the last time?

physical setup, orientation, equipment and sensitivity, calibration standards, personnel etc.) 1b)   what state was the equipment or system left in and who was the last to touch or maintain it? 1c)   if we have not performed this task before, what is new or out of the ordinary? 4)    what’s the worst that could happen? (to me, to others, the plant, or equipment) 5)    what kind of defenses / controls should be implemented? 6)    are there any unusual conditions at present or expected during the duration of the task?

an example of pre-job briefing check-list. forms can be designed to meet the needs of the job! document no.: ​ examples: • “do you have any questions, stephanie?” • “steve, are you comfortable with what you’ve heard?” items of template: pre-job briefing check list. what is the job? discuss objective of task. e.g. complete product transfer., job briefing form, job briefing form, post job briefing, human performance pre job brief, tree work job briefing form.

pre-job brief: x. please examples: working in a confined space where potential for injury is heightened. even a pre-job briefing checklist form. date: the employee in charge of each job shall ensure that an effective job briefing is chprc formal pre-job briefing checklist. document no.: task description: fws: date: the items in this box , 1910.269 job briefing

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