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pre start meeting template is a pre start meeting sample that gives infomration on pre start meeting design and format. when designing pre start meeting example, it is important to consider pre start meeting template style, design, color and theme. pre-construction meetings are an excellent way to make certain that everything in your project is communicated clearly before execution operations begin. the construction site is a dynamic workplace with project players changing every so often. the main purpose of a pre-construction meeting is to communicate to everyone in the project team the plans and expectations before any job is executed on site. it is always best to conduct your actual pre-construction meeting a week before the start of actual project execution. typically, the main players in a pre-construction meeting are the project owner and the contractor. the agenda is the centre of every pre-construction meeting.

pre start meeting overview

the pre-construction meeting agenda should be prepared early with copies distributed to every attendee before the meeting. everyone in the meeting should have access to it and have reviewed it beforehand. while you can take the time to answer them during the construction process, it is much easier to address them before any of the work begins. this allows you and your stakeholders to make the most out of your pre-construction meeting without having to waste everyone’s time. see how a pre-construction meeting can lead to an overall increase in your project efficiencies, decrease in work-related incidents and delays, and bigger project profits! the ultimate goal being the successful execution and on-time delivery of the project while minimising problems, mitigating risks and preventing costly delays.

a pre-construction meeting can help you get the information you need to get the project off to a good start and keep it on track. the pre-construction meeting is a key element in ensuring the project gets off to the right start and everyone knows their role. the pre-construction meeting with the client is usually a pre-sale meeting and may be used for a potential client to choose a general contractor. a pre-construction meeting with the city should happen before construction begins and should cover the following aspects of the project: the pre-construction meeting with the city is crucial to ensure the general contractor (gc) and the owner are clear on the city’s expectations. for example, in a pre-construction meeting with the city, a schedule of inspections may be discussed.

pre start meeting format

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in addition to the agenda — which provides the topics covered in the pre-construction meeting — a checklist is helpful to make sure the right things and the right people get to the meeting at the right time. with access to images and pdf files and the ability to save files in a secure format, cm fusion’s document management software not only gets you organized for your pre-construction meeting but also improves job site efficiency once the project is underway. you won’t need to look at every construction document in a pre-construction meeting, but you’ll want to be sure to review the following key documents: the contract lays out all the details about the responsibilities and rights of the parties involved along with other specific expectations of the job. planning for and executing a pre-construction meeting can get your project off on the right foot and set your whole team up for success. if you are trying to figure out where to look now, our company cm fusion offers a free version of construction project management software.