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when running a business process, standard meetings are a vital tool to use. this brings me to the trigger for writing this article… this is pretty much an understatement! from discussions i have had with businesses over the last few weeks this is certainly the case. it is understandable too, when trying to deal with a pandemic whilst trying keep a business going and re-organise it at the same time. re-booting, or initiating, standard meetings had been a bone of contention to a number of managers i have spoken to recently. it is fairly normal to experience this at the outset.

the reality is that the meetings are taking so long because there are too many items out of control. the acid test for your meeting agenda is whether the conclusion of the meeting was both efficient and effective. your reality may be different to your plan and that is ok. having an expectation for your business meetings (level of participation, duration, types of decisions made) is healthy. in fact, defining these expectations helps you accelerate the process of improvement because you have a clearer target to hit. creating an effective meeting agenda really can lead to performance improvements and better control of your business functions. in short, follow the cycle outlined above and use your experience to shape the next steps. giles is also the author of ‘what does good look like?

a very simple solution is adopting a kanban board and making it visible to your team all the time. each assignment that your team undertakes needs to be listed as a kanban card and start from the first column of your kanban board (e.g. in order to control them and prevent the generation of unnecessary waste, we advise you to adopt a daily stand up meeting in each of your teams. the stand-up meeting is a great way to keep everybody synchronized, but its format is unsuitable for an in-depth analysis of your team’s activities.

experiment to meet the needs of your team but be careful not to waste time in discussions that are not on the agenda of the meeting and will generate more waste than value. you just need to place more trust in the expertise of your team members and create an environment that will encourage them to seek ways to improve and stay accountable. in order to improve communication, you need to optimize the use of both channels so that you can make use of all their advantages without suffering their negative effects on your productivity. not to mention that it may create competition that can result in a drop of information sharing between individuals who chase the bonus and don’t want their team members to surpass them. adopting a culture of continuous improvement can benefit both you, your team and your business.

if your meetings take too long then check out this article to find a simple improvement method to shorten them and make them more effective. figure 2 is an example of a lean six sigma process improvement meeting agenda template. this example includes the mission and vision of the process owner’s the continuous improvement meeting’s agenda is to boost information sharing among your team members and therefore improve collaboration, continuous improvement meeting template, continuous improvement meeting template, process improvement parameters, process improvement team example, process improvement team roles and responsibilities.

topic. leader. start time. 1. review project proposal. facilitator. 2. define project’s scope (in scope/out of scope). facilitator. process improvement team initiation explanation of the background of the charter by the champion. discussion and clarification of the charter. inclusion of written meeting minutes will be approved by the manager- nuclear. training. ii. standard continuous performance improvement group agenda elements,., continuous improvement team structure, continuous improvement statement.

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