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product inspection checklist template is a product inspection checklist sample that gives infomration on product inspection checklist design and format. when designing product inspection checklist example, it is important to consider product inspection checklist template style, design, color and theme. over the years, we have provided feedback to many clients on their product specification sheets and their quality checklists for inspections. rather than a step-by-step guideline, the most useful is usually to provide them with a few real examples for different types of products. take a look at the three example quality checklists below (click to expand the image), and please note that there are checkpoints for both the packaging and the product. first, you have to think of the best way to guide an inspector through the job. a big part of the job is about repeating the same thing over and over, to get the basics right. it is either ok or not ok. unfortunately, many other issues may appear in a production batch, and your checklist may not offer a clear way to classify them as defects. it may be located in a very visible area of the product, or it may be in a place users won’t look at.

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in some cases, the description of the defects needs to be done in excruciating detail. as you can see, this is documented in quite some detail and this makes it easy for all involved to understand what type of defect they may have encountered and see what the issue might look like and where it is in the image provided. they will not accept a high level of ambiguity that may allow a customer to be unreasonable and reject a production batch. in that case, you are on your own… you need to do it yourself or hire a quality assurance agency (like ours, among others) to create it for you. if you are happy with a golden sample and a few simple instructions, and you place small orders of a simple product, that might be all you need. the answer is building a strong quality assurance policy of your own. in this webinar, we’re going to explore key challenges facing importers from china, and the elements that compose a really solid, effective quality assurance policy. hit the button below to register to watch the webinar!