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production equipment list template is a production equipment list sample that gives infomration on production equipment list design and format. when designing production equipment list example, it is important to consider production equipment list template style, design, color and theme. disclosure: as an amazon partner, desktop documentaries may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases through links on this page at no extra cost to you. you can shoot a documentary on anything from your iphone to a dslr to a top of line digital cinema camera such as the red. you only really need a lighting kit if you’re planning to do a lot of shooting inside. having a shotgun mic prepares you for almost every situation. it’s perfect for setting on top of your camera or a boom pole. if you plan to use a professional audio set-up with your camcorder, you’ll need xlr cables to go from your camera to the mic. if you decide to shoot your documentary with a dslr or smartphone, it’s highly recommended that you either get an external mic or portable audio recorder such as the zoom h5 (left). find a good quality, comfortable set of headphones to make sure you avoid any nasty audio surprises when you get back from the shoot.

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you never want to get caught without enough batteries out on a shoot. a portable hard drive comes in handy if you plan to do a lot of shooting in the field and need to offload your footage from your camera’s memory cards. putting your camera on a shoulder mount can add a nice professional touch. it’s especially helpful if you don’t want to use a tripod and a rig creates smoother-looking footage in a “run-and-gun” shooting situation. a documentary budget is a key item to raise money for your film. if you’re about to start producing a documentary, there are ways you can prepare to make your job easier. i am a beginner with an idea, and the info and articles on your website are easy to understand and answer many questions i have. i am a professional filmmaker, and i applaud this site for detailing the abc’s of documentary filmmaking.

in this article, we’ll give you answers to all of your burning questions about video production tools, along with a list of the most necessary equipment and software to get you started. whether you’re making a movie or a youtube short, the right video production tools for you depend on your specific project. read reviews and watch video demonstrations for any tool you buy, especially if it’s a big investment like a tricked-out video camera or professional microphone. for instance, if you plan to mount the mic in your studio, you might want a shotgun microphone, which attaches to your camera or a boom pole.

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when choosing a gimbal, keep in mind your camera’s weight and ensure the gimbal you choose is rated to support that weight. with this essential video production tool, you’ll be drawing on electrical power from a nearby outlet instead of a battery, which means you won’t have to worry about your camera overheating or running out of juice. while your first thought might be to rely on virtual conference tools like zoom or skype, these options might not be the best choice for a high-quality video recording. or if you want to build your video production equipment setup, start with the items listed above to create high-quality videos for your audience. for dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel.

it won’t get you the same level of quality as a professional-level full-frame mirrorless video camera. you can get it with a lens for under $2000 (which is fantastic). but if you want to be able to capture quality-consistent videos at any time and shoot vlogs and videos on the go, a portable camera can come in handy. joby is one of the reputable names for flexible tripods like the gorillapod, which can be adjusted to fit a number of situations and even used to hang your camera for those hard-to-reach shots. windscreens help a lot with wind noise and improving your audio quality on the go. this is a great option that can deliver high-quality audio and be used in multiple scenarios. you can use packing/moving blankets and hang them in your video studio behind the camera.

the lights are dimmable leds and they have rbg functionality so you can change the color of the lights and add a nice flair to your videos. there are many different types and sizes; you can find gimbals for cameras as small as your iphone and as big as a professional-level video camera. but you can get started with just a few basic tutorials and you’ll see an improvement in your video quality right away. but if you’re going to be doing a lot of video editing, you may want to consider upgrading your hardware. if you notice that the process is slow and you think you might benefit from something faster, it’s time to consider making a change. but it’s important to remember that the best video production in the world won’t help you succeed if your videos don’t have anything to say. in fact, you can probably just start with a good camera and some free video editing software.