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project audit template is a project audit sample that gives infomration on project audit design and format. when designing project audit example, it is important to consider project audit template style, design, color and theme. a project management audit is a bit different than the general definition of the audit. the audit process is designed to determine the status of work performed on a project to ensure it complies with the statement of work, such as the scope, time and budget of the project, along with the maturity of the project management process. all reports can be customized to focus on what you want to see and then easily shared with stakeholders. the project progress report is also a record of the project over a specific range of time. a cost-benefit analysis compares the costs and benefits of the project in terms of monetary units.

project audit overview

this can be applied to the schedule and budget to see if you’re keeping to both. regardless of the size of your organization, a project management audit is likely to be led by the project manager and include all project team members. the discipline of a project management audit is not the same as managing a project. by going through each task and auditing it, you can begin a thorough audit of the entire project. one-click reports provide a detailed picture of your project and how it adhered to or diverted from your plan. so if you need a tool that can help you with your project management audit, then sign up for our software now at projectmanager.

if there’s one word that can strike fear into the heart of any working professional, it’s “audit.” with synonyms like “scrutinize,” “investigate,” and “inspect,” it makes sense that most people are averse to the idea of an audit — and project managers are no different. that’s why we’re looking at project management audits and breaking down pm audit procedures to help you get the most out of the process. examples of these can include project quality, performance, and adherence to the statement of work. audits are different from standard project reviews in that they are conducted by a party external to the immediate project team and chain of command. like every good project, the goal of a project audit should be clearly defined at the outset. aside from examining how well a project adhered to the statement of work, an audit will seek to determine a project’s overall value as measured by return on investment (roi).

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projects must often comply with industry-specific regulations and guidelines, and an audit will uncover areas that could potentially expose the organization to risk of non-compliance. now that we understand exactly what a project management audit is and why it’s so important, let’s look at the nuts and bolts of conducting one. from an execution standpoint, a project management audit doesn’t differ greatly from any other project. from there, the results will be presented to all stakeholders and project members. of course, conducting a project audit is much easier when you have a centralized project management system that houses and organizes all the pertinent information from every project your team has undertaken. with wrike, you’ll have the tools and the data at your disposal to carry out robust project audits.

project auditing is a formal type of “project review”, most often designed to evaluate the extent to which project management standards are being followed. on the other hand, quality assurance and problem response audits are initiated in response to the pressing needs of a troubled project, and in that sense, the project “selects itself”. the audit is a tool, and like any other tool, proper usage is the key to effective results. the only way to achieve this is to empower auditors to do their job, and allow project managers to share in the audit process through training, communication and feedback. learn more the goal of the standardized audit process is to provide pre-defined practices to be adapted and applied as needed to multiple “audit situations” (projects).

the goal of the auditor and the project manager should be one and the same – to continuously improve project results and performance. perhaps project management standards are not suitably sized and scaled to project or organizational needs? service strategies designed to meet every goal for technology service alignment, service quality and end-user service satisfaction, the i.t. if you’d like to learn how to form and operate successful committees, destined to be more productive and less prone to conflict, the project committee toolkit is the right training course for you. brought to you by the publishers of, you’ll learn how to ‘fast track’ every stage of the project management process, from pre-project planning to the post-project review.