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project manager handover checklist template is a project manager handover checklist sample that gives infomration on project manager handover checklist design and format. when designing project manager handover checklist example, it is important to consider project manager handover checklist template style, design, color and theme. embark on a journey of innovation with us. our taas offering lets you seamlessly access skilled professionals to enhance your projects and achieve your goals. we started from the premise that other developers will work on that project in the future and we asked ourselves “what information would this new team need to be able to re-start the project independently from our initial work?” we imagined that we were the software development team being given an existing source code and thought about the type of information we would need to get started. for us, that would be the team leader, the project manager and some (if not all) team members. which individual or group will receive the handover and is accountable for making sure they have all they need to continue the project after the handover is complete. it doesn’t have to be something complicated but it should clearly state who communicates which information to whom and when.

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this creates a more engaging communication environment and allows for questions and clarifications on both sides. send the complete list of 3rd party services and tools (e.g. include links and credentials for login. if the accounts were made using company or personal email addresses, we recommend to provide access to the client’s email address and make them the admin for all accounts. we use jira, confluence and google drive to manage this. at the end of the project, the team leader or project manager should send a final handover email with all the relevant links and a short description of how the information is organized. today we’re going to be looking at the different types of scale-ups we’ve experienced so far and what are some of the best practices we’d recommend for each of them. like many of us, for the past 4 months i’ve been working from home.

however, it’s sometimes necessary to hand over a project to a different project manager mid-stream. but the professional thing to do is a thorough project handover to your successor. to cover that information and more in the actual handoff, include these six essential areas in your project handover to ensure it’s a success. providing a project plan showing the key milestones and milestone dates will be invaluable to your successor. what are the features of the deliverables? your business analyst should be able to assist with this step by documenting the features of each deliverable. running your successor through any risks and issues on the project will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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having the answers to those questions and more will help you prepare your successor. it helps for the new project manager to sit in on these meetings to gain an understanding of the project and the team dynamics. it’s worthwhile for your successor to spend time with your business analyst to thoroughly understand the project requirements and end goal. knowing a thorough project handover has taken place with your successor will reassure both the customer and stakeholders. then, adding to your handover notes incrementally over time will be less stressful and produce a more accurate result. when you create a checklist of activities to complete as part of the project handover, you’re less likely to forget important tasks and leave your successor with a problem. it pays to put in the effort to leave any job or project on good terms.

while it’s technically wrong to think of it as a single event, or milestone, handover marks the completion of delivery and the start of the closure stage of your project. because the term is also sometimes used for the hand-over of a project from one project manager to another. items to consider include: because project handover is a process, it’s wise to think about it as a series of stages. for most stakeholders, the handover is likely to be a ‘good-news’ event.

but i would comment that the planning for this needs to be a part of your main project plan once testing and commissioning documentation is complete, you should have available all of the documentation you will need for handover. and that transfer needs to be from the brains of the project team to the systems the operational teams will use. it is largely the responsibility of the operational owners to realize the benefits of the products, services, processes, or assets that the project team delivered to them. to support your project handover process, i recommend you develop a set of templates and checklists. the best reference i have found to supplement your knowledge on project handover will get you thinking about how to hone your own handover process.