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project offboarding checklist template is a project offboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on project offboarding checklist design and format. when designing project offboarding checklist example, it is important to consider project offboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. how you say goodbye to a departing employee says just as much about how you welcome a new team member to the fold. there’s a lot here, so we created an offboarding checklist template to help you zip through the offboarding process. ask the leaving employee how they want you to deliver the news and if they’re comfortable with you sharing more details about their departure—like reasons for leaving and future plans. document all the meetings and training to have it ready for their replacement. make sure you have a plan to recover your company’s property. your company’s systems may contain sensitive information, and you probably don’t want everyone in the world to have access to it.

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make sure you update the organization’s chart after a teammate leaves. listen to the feedback you receive. you should also thank the leaving team member for their efforts. if it’s for a growth opportunity, feel good about the part you played in helping them get ready to spread their wings. offboarding is important for both the team member leaving and your current team because it helps facilitate knowledge transfer and allows you to improve processes. onboarding aims to welcome new team members and familiarize them with their new roles.

before you even start a project, jennifer said, you have to know how it’ll end. let’s say the project is delayed or someone is transferred or even terminated, you have to have a process in place. so, use this offboarding checklist the next time you need to offboard an employee. pro-tip: regardless of what you’re doing throughout the life cycle of your project, shelving your project plan is a mistake. things are always changing and your plan has to have the flexibility to pivot with those changes. and this is so important, we wanted to include it in the project plan series so that you can plan for upfront what may or might happen on your project.

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so let’s look at how or what the process is to transition the people off, and what you need to include in the plan. you also want to announce that the person is leaving to the other team members, make the announcements, and be sure to include communications not only to the team members, but also your stakeholders, and any other partners that may be working on your project. are there time sheets that they need to complete and submit so that you can account for different invoice as in payments that need to be made? you also want to be sure to hand off different tools that they may be using for the project, even shut down or close out their access to systems. it may be a phone or other pieces of equipment they need to do their job, and you wanna get project documentation back because in most companies, there is confidentiality for the project, and intellectual property that you wanna be sure that you get. so again, these are different pieces of the project that you wanna be sure to include and plan for.

an employee offboarding template gives your departing employees and their managers a single system of record for all offboarding tasks. creating an employee offboarding checklist template will help you to track this process and ensure you do all the right things for every departing employee. gather everything you need to properly offboard your employees and review it. for example, you can attach forms that need to be reviewed and signed with assigned deadlines to keep everyone on track.

plus, when you can see all of your work in one place, it’s easy to identify and address dependency conflicts before they start, so you can hit all of your goals on schedule. ultimately, forms help you reduce the time and effort it takes to manage incoming requests so your team can spend more time on the work that matters. an offboarding checklist template is a reusable tool that you can duplicate and use to offboard every exiting employee. onboarding templates help you organize the process of getting a new hire acclimated to the company and their role. use this template to organize and track candidates for all of your open roles so your team is aligned throughout the hiring process.