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punch list template is a punch list sample that gives infomration on punch list design and format. when designing punch list example, it is important to consider punch list template style, design, color and theme. a punch list is a document prepared during key milestones or near the end of a construction project listing work that conform to contract specifications that the general contractor must complete prior to final payment. the list is usually made by the owner, architect or designer, or general contractor while they tour and visually inspect the project. [3] the contractor is bound by the contract to complete a list of contract items, called a punch list, in order to receive final payment from the owner. according to the general conditions (aia a201 section 9.8.2), the contractor prepares and submits to the architect a comprehensive list of items to be completed or corrected. upon receipt of the contractor’s list, the architect then inspects the work to determine if the work is “substantially complete.”

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final payment to the contractor is only made when all of the items on the punch list have been confirmed to meet the project-design specifications required by the contract, or some other mutually agreed resolution for each item has been reached. ), or problems with the final installation of building materials or equipment (for example, install light fixture, connect faucet plumbing, install baseboard trim, reinstall peeling carpet, replace missing roof shingles, rehang misaligned exterior door, fire and pressure-test boiler, obtain elevator use permit, activate security system, and so on). under one hypothesis, the phrase takes its name from the historical process of punching a hole in the margin of the document, next to one of the items on the list. [4] a rolling punch list is the most common approach towards managing these tasks efficiently and thereby minimizing the likelihood of having to grapple with large number of punch-list items at the end of a major project. a rolling punch list entails constantly verifying the work status throughout the duration of the project, with a rigid closeout schedule being assigned to each task. today there are a variety of punch list applications, ranging from simple mobile apps to more comprehensive web and mobile platforms.

in the construction industry, a punch list refers to a list of repairs and incomplete work items remaining at the end of a project that must be finished before a contractor can receive payment. this template is appropriate for project management in any field, and provides columns for marking the status, priority and due date of each task. you can easily edit this template to include whatever punch list items are relevant for the project. use this residential punch list for a remodel or new home project. you can add descriptions for each item and specify the work that still needs to be completed in order to resolve an issue.

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for a more in-depth description of what how to use a punch list in construction, and the benefits of including one in your next construction project, visit our article that details all there is to know about construction punch lists, including when to use them, how to use them, and a free template. this created a “punch” list that was used during inspection and for documentation. in construction, “snagging” is a term used for identifying all the errors and omissions that you need to add to the snag list and correct. a digital punch list may be included as part of construction management software or used as a mobile app. report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

a punch list documents anything that varies from the original construction plans or contract specifications. others maintain a rolling punch list throughout construction so issues can be addressed along the way, laying the path for a quicker project closeout. let’s take a look at the details you’ll want to document and track in your construction punch list. our free construction punch list template makes it easy to document and track outstanding issues that stand between you and project closeout. you can enter this project information in row 2 on our construction punch list template. most of your work will take place in the construction punch list tab of your spreadsheet.

start by choosing the location of your punch list item from the location dropdown, and briefly describe the work that needs to be completed or issue that needs to be fixed in the description column. then choose the type of work or subcontractor name from the subcontractor responsible dropdown to assign the punch list item to an owner. email the punch list to your supers and subcontractors so they have it handy out in the field. looking for a construction punch list you can schedule and track—both on and off the jobsite? subcontractors can collaborate on tasks and update progress out in the field with teamgantt’s mobile app so you always know where your punch list stands. create an online punch list of your own, or use our free construction schedule template to keep track of punch list items as part of your full project plan.