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qc checklist template is a qc checklist sample that gives infomration on qc checklist design and format. when designing qc checklist example, it is important to consider qc checklist template style, design, color and theme. importers often want to know what is the best way to clarify their product requirements, both to their supplier and any inspection staff that might check an order before shipping. the five elements include: for most importers, product requirements are the most obvious point to include in their quality control checklist. if the cartons are just one inch wider than your specification, you may need to rent space in a second container. importers often recognize the need to explicitly state requirements for their product and how they’d like it packaged. for example, if you manufacture wristwatches with leather wristbands, you might include a crocking test in your checklist to ensure there’s no color transfer when the leather is wiped with a wet or dry cloth.

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but if you don’t specify that an iphone is needed for this test, there may not be one available during inspection, and qc staff won’t be able to perform the test. and this is a good example of an issue you’d want to clearly show in your checklist so you can be confident that qc staff are vigilant about it. sure, by carefully looking over the report and counting the instances of pinholes reported, you might independently decide that your product has failed inspection. and collaborating with your supplier when creating the qc checklist is one of the best ways to do so. likewise, if your checklist includes a test that may not be feasible or relevant to the product, the inspector can let you know. explain your product expectations, your desire for a thorough inspection and what aspects of the product should be checked.

an inspection checklist serves as a guide for the person inspecting your products during a product quality inspection. whether you go to the factory yourself to check the quality of your products or hire a third-party qc company to do so, the checklist tells the inspector what to look for. the development of your checklist should be a collaborative process because, as the importer, you are the one who is ultimately responsible for quality management and your product quality standards. if you want to ensure your products’ quality and avoid lousy product reviews and returns, a quality checklist is essential.

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you determine the aqls to use based on a variety of factors including risk and your desired level of quality. the use of holds is client specific and is something that you can customize based on your needs. we are proud to be a member of jpma, the juvenile products manufacturers association and have extensive inspection experience with juvenile products. when you hire a third-party inspection company (like insight quality) to go to your factory, the inspector always takes an inspection checklist. when an inspector goes to your manufacturer to… the quality of your packaging is vital, so putting appropriate quality control measures in place is a must.

how to create the checklist for product sourcing and inspection? the checklist is not only helpful for internal qc staff checking the product but also essential for you or any third party quality inspector you hire to inspect on your behalf. these are very important to include in a qc checklist not only for final inspection but also to inform the supplier of what tests the product and packaging will be expected to pass. without notifying the supplier in your qc checklist, that inspector might arrive at the factory to find that the equipment needed for the gsm check isn’t available.

in the fabric density example above, you might have included this test and the required equipment in your quality control inspection checklist. but including a section in your qc checklist for classifying defects is a much better way to provide objective tolerances for quality issues. during your importing, creating a quality control inspection checklist for your products saves you a lot of trouble in the long run. author: aqi service is a professional quality control service company in china that specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in china & asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.