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quality assurance audit checklist template is a quality assurance audit checklist sample that gives infomration on quality assurance audit checklist design and format. when designing quality assurance audit checklist example, it is important to consider quality assurance audit checklist template style, design, color and theme. a quality audit checklist is a quality record that tracks the questions and responses during a quality audit. to create an audit checklist, first reflect on the reason behind the audit. in case of an iso 9001 audit the independent organization is the registrar. the result of the audit could be a certification, license, acceptance, or an award. the audit could be called a survey or an assessment. the audit should be aligned with the company goals and metrics. the audit of your calibration system can be consider a system audit. for example a 3rd party audit of your iso 9001 system is a conformance audit. department audit is a focus audit on one department that looks at the processes, specifications, and systems in one department only. if it is a system audit, use your interaction chart to determine the system focus.

quality assurance audit checklist overview

during the audit preparation, determine the quality audit checklist. record audit questions on the checklist. apply the quality audit checklist as the basis for the findings report. be sure responsibilities and due dates are assign for the actions. for iso 9001 certification, predetermine the management systems audit schedule. the software can track audit questions, schedule, results, and corrective action. your corrective action software for managing, measuring, and reporting issues. learn about the 5ws of the iso 9000 quality audit. the internal audit engagement letter will be issued to you by your registrar prior to your audit. use our iso 9001 checklist for gap analysis, internal audits, and implementing iso 9001:2015. learn the questions to ask and download our free audit checksheet.

this customizable qa audit checklist allows auditors to easily capture photos of evidences to support noted conformances/non-conformances during the qa audit process. this include the quality objectives, master lists. ask for the master list of quality records and see if all the records being used are included in the master list. ask the personnel: what are your corporate objectives? have the personnel present a signed copy of the corporate objectives. ask the personnel: what is your role in achieving the quality policy? ask the personnel: what training or other activities do you need in order to become more effective in your work?

quality assurance audit checklist format

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quality assurance audit checklist guide

ask the personnel: what are your duties and responsibilities? look for a copy of the actual duties and responsibilities. what skills and experience and knowledge do you have so that you can perform your duties and responsibilities? look at the hrd plan to see if this need has been identified and included. ask the personnel: do you know what equipment you need in order to do your job? ask for the maintenance record and see if this is updated. look at the procedure, if any, on maintenance and interview the personnel to see if this is being followed.

discover our factory quality audit checklist that touches on quality management, social and environmental compliance here. an audit of your supplier’s factory is conducted to ensure that your supplier and their factory’s operations are able to produce your product to your expected levels of quality, as well as ensure compliance in your product’s destination market. ultimately, the decision to work with a particularly supplier will be up to you, but your decision will at least be based on a trusted risk assessment with a presented improvement strategy. 1 – minor non-conformity –  incomplete procedure or proof of discrepancies in implementation – a corrective action will be designed for this checkpoint.

api is able to customize its qa solutions based on your specific needs and requirements. this information will be relayed back you, the retailer, where you will gain insight into your potential supplier and their factory operations to ensure compliance across the board. as a professional third party auditing company, api is able to provide their industry expertise and long time experience to aid you in achieving your social compliance certification. this approach allows you to build a more collaborative relationship with your supplier, where you supplier has a more invested approach to your brand and its product. it helps to ensure top class quality systems and a mutually beneficial relationship between supplier and retailer.