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racking inspection checklist template is a racking inspection checklist sample that gives infomration on racking inspection checklist design and format. when designing racking inspection checklist example, it is important to consider racking inspection checklist template style, design, color and theme. however, they are vulnerable to accidental forklift strikes, which can cause damage severe enough to pose a warehouse safety threat. to help ensure that you cover all the vital areas of concern and potential safety risks, our apex pros rack inspection team is sharing their checklist. be sure to have a tape measure, flashlight, and any required ppe pertaining to the workspace conditions. we also recommend downloading the apex rack repair app –the easiest way to capture damage photos and system-specific details to facilitate quick, customized repair kit processing. uprights that are leaning (or out of plumb) have a reduced capacity and are considered unsafe.

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▢ areas with extra space between beam levels, known as the unsupported span, have fewer connections to stabilize the system in the event of a strike. single rows of rack should meet the recommended height-to-depth ratio of 6:1, which is equivalent to the distance from the floor to the top beam level, divided by the depth of the frame. allowable beam deflection calculation – divide the beam length (from the inside of the columns) by 180. if the deflection gap is equal to or greater than ½”, the beam is overloaded and unsafe. the apex pros also conduct comprehensive pallet rack and warehouse safety inspections if you’d rather leave the process to the experts. the apex family and our growing team of material handling, storage, automation, and rack repair companies are dedicated to providing the very best quality products and services.

the prrs should have received training on a rack awareness course (now available) to identify the correct risk factor and determine the correct course of action required. the inspection reports are thorough and issued within a timely manner. the inspector went about his work in a very helpful and professional manner. the report was received quickly and very easy to understand. the racking inspector carried out an annual inspection on our warehouse racking system and was very knowledgeable, very helpful and informative with useful tips to help us maintain a safe and compliant racking system.

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the reports are very detailed and delivered in a timely manner. the racking inspector came highly recommended to us from our racking supplier who had identified we had a potentially dangerous racking in our 50,000 sq ft warehouse. he then provided an in-depth report and was instrumental in orchestrating our company in planning a course of action into making our racking safe and sema compliant. he was not judgemental about the state of our racking but invested all of his energy and attention in to rectifying our issues. this would not have been possible without the racking inspectors help, expertise and guidance. i highly recommend every company to utilise the services of the racking inspector as it is integral to the safety and compliance of any business.

if you notice any of these problems, it is vital to address them as soon as possible to avoid further inventory or rack damage and maintain the safety of your employees. although the rmi does not have a strict timeline for rack inspection, they recommend regular periodic in-house inspections and an inspection with a qualified rack engineer following seismic activity or a collision. 1910.176 (b)–according to the regulation, bags, containers, and bundles should be stored in tiers, stacked, blocked, interlocked, and limited in height so that they are stable, with minimal chance of sliding or collapsing. an inspection should include checking for signs of physical damage, ensuring that the racks are correctly labeled and numbered, and verifying that the loads are properly balanced.

ensure the rack is not overloaded and that the loads are evenly dispersed. also, check the clear height (the clearance between the top of the rack and the ceiling). check the base plates and shims to ensure that they are securely in place and that the rack is level. if the pallets are damaged, they may not support the weight of your goods and could cause them to collapse. also, ensure that the area around the racking structures is free from obstacles and hazards.