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remote onboarding checklist template is a remote onboarding checklist sample that gives infomration on remote onboarding checklist design and format. when designing remote onboarding checklist example, it is important to consider remote onboarding checklist template style, design, color and theme. a gallup study discovered that 88 percent of employers provide less than adequate onboarding, and one in five new employees wouldn’t recommend an employer to a friend or family member after a poor onboarding experience. you can build a framework that improves new employee morale, increases productivity and strengthens your entire team. remote and in-person onboarding share the same goal: to educate new hires on their position, the business and key policies. consider using e-signature tools like hellosign to let remote employees receive and sign legal documentation in a simple, secure and trackable database. provide your hire with resources that introduce them to your organizational makeup and familiarize them with their colleagues, such as:  new remote employees should have access to all necessary tools and hardware as soon as possible.

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send your remote hires company swag to make them feel welcome and excited to join the team. hiring managers or direct supervisors should set employees up for success by: a direct manager can instruct the new hire to schedule calls with their team, direct reports or other relevant colleagues. a team call also brings new hires up to speed. ‍twenty-six percent of new employees recall providing feedback on their candidate journey and the hiring process. by properly engaging your new employees, you have the opportunity to foster a long-lasting and dynamic relationship with your company.

remote employees have gone from being the exception to becoming a major part of the workforce. it typically includes activities that allow new employees to complete an initial orientation process, as well as meet other employees (both new and tenured) and learn about the mission of the company and its structure, culture, and values. these remote onboarding processes can ease the transition of joining a new team for remote new hires. the first few days of a new remote employee’s time at a company can be stressful. for remote workers, all connections to their team and company culture are built through a screen.

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just because remote employees don’t come into the office doesn’t mean you don’t need to outfit it with the right video conferencing hardware. to combat this loneliness, some employers add all new employees to a slack channel where they provide new hire instructional materials and then encourage collaboration amongst new hires to complete the tasks. this can be a living document and grow and change with the employee. for remote workers, provide opportunities for new hires to access online courses during or after orientation and a stipend for the personal and professional development of their choosing. when new employees have to work as a group to complete a case study or group project during onboarding, it forges bonds and introduces team members, but it can also be an opportunity to cross-train teams.

onboarding is the official process of integrating new team members into an organization. one way to begin creating social connections for new remote team members is to have them added to a chat channel. because we’ve implemented a handbook-first approach, the gitlab handbook is always changing and growing as we learn new things. one of the biggest challenges that new team members may encounter when onboarding remotely is not knowing who to ask for help with technical issues or “newbie questions.” assigning an onboarding buddy is an essential step so that team members always have a friendly face they can talk to. having socialization as part of the onboarding process can help team members feel more connected to their new teams, even though they don’t share an office.

onboarding is the official process of integrating new team members into an organization. remote onboarding relies heavily on documentation, anticipating the needs of new team members, and a dedication to continuously improving the process based on feedback. because remote onboarding is mostly self-guided, the real-time face-to-face ability for new employees to ask questions does not exist. the beauty of an all-remote setting is that onboarding can be as high-touch or low-touch as a new hire wishes. at gitlab, if a new hire gets stuck during onboarding, they are encouraged to update the handbook, record a video to help others who may encounter the same obstacle, and contribute to learning and development from day one.