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residential punch list template is a residential punch list sample that gives infomration on residential punch list design and format. when designing residential punch list example, it is important to consider residential punch list template style, design, color and theme. and a really great construction punch list actually starts much earlier than the final walk-thru. the final should be fast and straightforward if you already have all the information you need on hand. the best construction punch list i found is on the punch list shows everything that is either not complete or still needs a little bit of work before the project is officially done.

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typically, punch lists only include small fixes, because the majority of large issues have already been fixed or addressed previously. as an owner-builder, the punch list slightly redundant in that you are acting as your own general contractor and should therefore have already seen the items that go on a construction punch list created by a client of the traditional home builder. and there will probably never be a true final walk-thru, but rather, a time close to the end that you feel good enough to begin writing down the smaller fixes, punch list items, that need attention. it may be necessary to bring a good friend or close associate through the project and have them look at the project with fresh eyes. contact the sub-contractor in charge of the minor problem you found and have them return to repair.

a punch list, also sometimes called a snag list, is a document created in the final stages of a construction project to provide a list of items that must be addressed before construction is considered complete and payment is issued. punch lists may even include brand-new items that were not included in the original project specifications. once the full punch list is compiled, the general contractor will assign work to the right subcontractor(s) and they will work through each item until the list is completed. for large projects, the punch list may be hundreds, even thousands, of items and can take weeks to complete. this punch list example is taken from a small single-home construction project to demonstrate how a punch list can be structured.

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construction professionals without a current method for managing punch list items can get started with our free construction punch list template. punch lists for large, complex projects may be very long and have detailed items that need to be addressed by several different subcontractors. this can make the punch list very difficult to track and manage through traditional spreadsheets. if you select one of these companies and click on a link, we may earn a commission. by clicking on these links, you may be taken to one of our insurance partners.

in residential construction, the journey to getting a project over the finish line and getting paid often begins and ends with a punch list (also known as a punch out list). a punch list is a collection of open items that need to be finalized or fixed at a key milestone or at the conclusion of a construction project. whether the punch list is being shared with a team or not, writing a good description of what needs to be done is essential for getting through the list on time.

the key dates you should consider are:  one of the biggest benefits of a punch list is not only knowing what needs to be done but when and how. additionally, there are often punch lists created by — or alongside — the client at the end of a project as a final step in getting their sign-off on any last-minute things that need to be done before the job is complete. creating your punch list in an excel or google sheets spreadsheet is relatively easy to do, especially when you start with a pre-existing construction punch list template like the one we’ve created (pictured below). getting a punch list started from scratch can feel daunting, which is why we created our free construction punch list template to get you started.