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restaurant closing checklist template is a restaurant closing checklist sample that gives infomration on restaurant closing checklist design and format. when designing restaurant closing checklist example, it is important to consider restaurant closing checklist template style, design, color and theme. a restaurant closing checklist helps you stay focused and organized, making it easier for you to get your work done each day. so if you’re looking for a way to simplify your life and reduce your stress level, a daily restaurant closing checklist is the answer you’ve been looking for! panic starts to set in as you realize that you may have forgotten something important. this may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to take the time to sit down and make a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be done before you lock up for the night. one of the best ways to ensure everything is done correctly is to create a daily restaurant closing checklist sheet. this can be a simple piece of paper or an excel spreadsheet that lists out all of the tasks that need to be completed before you leave.

restaurant closing checklist overview

before you leave, take a few minutes to review the daily restaurant closing checklist with your staff. by following these tips, you can create a daily restaurant closing checklist that will help make sure nothing is left behind when you close up shop for the night. to prevent cross-contamination, ensure walk-in refrigerators are organized according to food safety standards. walk through the whole restaurant to ensure that all areas are clean and sanitized, including the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and other public areas. a restaurant checklist is a document used by restaurants to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before, during, and after service. end-of-service procedures are the steps that kitchen staff take to close the kitchen for the night. checklists are important for a restaurant because they help ensure that all tasks are completed promptly and efficiently.

at the end of a shift when the doors close and everyone is tired, it can be difficult to remember every single task that needs to be finished before you leave. creating a concise daily closing checklist helps your staff leave each night assured they got everything done. a closing checklist for a restaurant is a checklist created to mark off closing tasks that need to be completed after your bar or restaurant is closed for the day. since there’s so much going on during a closing shift, having your checklist can help create accountability checks. this gives your team a sense of responsibility and the ability to reference who’s done what in case anything goes wrong. having a visual representation of what each shift is responsible for can make all the difference in knowing what to focus on and what takes priority. you’ll give your closing staff the opportunity to comment on any issues with task completion as well.

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restaurant closing checklist guide

in the hustle and bustle of a closing shift, it becomes incredibly easy to forget things without help from your trusty checklist. you can easily identify people who are having a hard time with specific closing tasks and help them accordingly. time is of the essence for everyone during a closing shift. having a checklist completely streamlines the process of closing so your staff can focus more on the important things they need to get done instead of guessing or doing irrelevant tasks. here’s an example of what your checklist might look like: this can vary greatly depending on the size and type of your establishment and what type of management you tend to have during closing shifts. most places will start to slow down toward the end of the night and it’s perfectly acceptable to allow your staff to begin these closing tasks early to get them done. some of the tasks you might include in your boh closing list include: your shift lead or manager will have their own set of closing tasks as well. here’s an example of a manager’s daily closing checklist:

closing the restaurant for the day is a major team effort and a daily restaurant closing checklist can come in handy to make sure that no task is left unfinished. no matter what type of venue you operate, a good closing restaurant checklist should include important duties for front of house staff, such as wiping down all menus and checkbooks, polishing glasses, rolling silverware, cleaning coffee machines, and more. similarly, your restaurant closing checklist should also include a section for back of house staff, with tasks like cleaning prep areas, changing fryer oil, rotating inventory, mopping floors, and more.

using a closing a restaurant checklist that’s ordered in a logical way will allow your staff to multitask and get things done more efficiently. to help you cover all your bases, we’ve created a handy closing restaurant checklist that can be used daily by front of house and back of house staff. this restaurant closing checklist comes in a handy pdf format so you can easily print it out for staff and save it for future use. if you have a detailed closing checklist for every area of the restaurant, the tasks will be more manageable and your staff will know exactly what they need to do so you can officially lock up for the evening.