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restaurant prep list template is a restaurant prep list sample that gives infomration on restaurant prep list design and format. when designing restaurant prep list example, it is important to consider restaurant prep list template style, design, color and theme. in order to complete all tasks on time and to prep the right quantities, commercial kitchens use a production sheet called a kitchen prep list. prep cooks do the dicing and chopping in advance so the line cook only has to worry about cracking the eggs. a kitchen prep sheet is a printed guide with all the prep tasks that need to be performed in a commercial kitchen on a particular day. a par level is the optimal amount of any ingredient or food item that you need on hand to meet the demand for a specific day and shift. the first column contains a list of the food items or ingredients that must be prepped.

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to read a kitchen prep list properly, you must subtract the quantity-on-hand from the par level. the prep tasks define what needs to be done, while the par levels tell you how much needs to be done. many prep tasks simply require that ingredients are portioned out correctly and placed on the line in a refrigerated chef base. if no one orders the creme brulee dessert on wednesdays, you need to lower your par level for that day. kitchen prep sheets are vital to the success of any successful commercial kitchen. these are just some of the benefits that a prep list provides: successful kitchen prep starts with an organized prep sheet.

every good chef knows the value of a kitchen prep list, but not every restaurant manager knows what one is, or how to make one. or even better, “is there a blank kitchen prep list template you can use to make things easier?”  a kitchen prep list is not a to-do list for the front of house staff. while it is important for condiment containers to be full, napkins to be stocked, and so on, that’s not what a kitchen prep list is about. if it’s not a checklist for the restaurant as a whole, then what is the purpose of a prep list for the kitchen? but, without the back of house team ensuring the kitchen prep list is in stock and prepped for the day, you’re going to run into trouble. a restaurant won’t be able to operate for very long if the kitchen prep list is ignored. customers are visiting your restaurant for a specific reason—they want what you serve! a kitchen prep list displays all of the food on the menu, and all of the ingredients necessary to make those meals happen. with this list prominently displayed at a particular kitchen station, the chef or cook at that station can know they have everything they need to make whatever may be ordered that day.

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by checking the kitchen prep list, a restaurant manager can also better manage food supplies and inventory. similarly, what if a particular day or week is known for being busier? a kitchen prep list can account for that too, and ensure that a chef stays on par with the ingredients needed to prepare all the meals for a particular station. how do you make a kitchen prep list? there’s your kitchen prep list template, ready for action. with the help of a kitchen prep list template, your boh staff can keep your restaurant kitchen running smoothly. what’s more, a restaurant prep sheet like this can help any kitchen staff you bring in—whether for a night or a season—quickly fill a needed role. qwick is tech platform that matches experienced hospitality freelancers with businesses that need to fill shifts. solely designed to serve the hospitality industry, you can tap into experienced talent across 20+ food and beverage shifts types whenever you need helping hands.

forget to prep one item and suddenly that is the most popular dish of the shift! having pars on the prep sheets ensures that they are not prepping either too little (and running out in the middle of service), or prepping too much which results in wasted product and a hit to your food cost. it is the whole weight or case price before trim. for instance, if you choose to put all opened spices into the “in use” category and not count them then you need to do it that way every time. do you monitor the actual yield? i personally tend to use the prep list as a cheat-sheet recipe card, so i’ll list the name of the menu item, then indent all the ingredients which go into it which get fired ala minute during service. for example, if i used mixed greens in multiple salads, is it best to include mixed greens under every salad item on the list?

but it is a pain to create them. awesome resource for someone like myself who has no time to spend on the computer to make these lists that i need to have to make life much easier… so happy to have discovered this! you should already know that kind of stuff… you need to have; in one form or another; a prep list, stock list, and an order list… at the very least. it helps you keep track of your stock inventory that you are expending so you know when to order more as well as what needs to be prepped and everything you need to know on how to prep it. then simply walk through your kitchen tapping items when you want to add them to a daily list. but i am happy to share some screen shots or, possibly, a test version if you are interested. here is a link to one of their excel courses: /excel-2007-tutorials/introduction-to-formulas-and-functions/56970-2.html for a monthly fee (about $25) you can watch as many training videos on as many topics you wish. i am looking for banquet production excel spread sheet that i would only have to type in persons count and it would calculate gallons and pounds-