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restaurant server checklist template is a restaurant server checklist sample that gives infomration on restaurant server checklist design and format. when designing restaurant server checklist example, it is important to consider restaurant server checklist template style, design, color and theme. it’s important to maintain a balance for your servers between sidework duties and tip-producing tasks so they can be compensated appropriately at the end of the day. the first step to preparing a server side work checklist for your restaurant is to identify all of the tasks that need to get done. your server opening checklist should include responsibilities for your staff to complete as soon as they get into the restaurant before customers arrive.

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your closing staff will be responsible for most of the cleanup tasks in your restaurant so it’s important to provide them with a clear list of responsibilities. they are the details your customers will notice if missed, which can lead to a bad experience in your restaurant and negative reviews. with a cohesive checklist, your staff can focus on their tasks for their workday and keep the restaurant operating smoothly. any operation that serves food sh maintaining the health and safety of your employees while they work in your restaurant is of utmost importance in running a thriving foodservice estab while it is an often-overlooked area of restaurant management, table bussing directly impacts the overall dining experience.

people who don’t work in the restaurant industry think that all there is to being a server is taking orders, bringing out food, and sorting out the bill. here’s a look at what each of these jobs entails and how to do them. while a restaurant may have a custodian or clean staff who cleans at the end of the day, many cleaning tasks need to be done throughout the day to ensure a tidy and safe dining atmosphere. it’s important to build small cleaning tasks into the duties of a server so that the restaurant stays neat throughout a busy day of service. all of the duties of a server above should be done before opening and upon closing. assign these safety duties to trustworthy servers who work the closing shifts. when you incorporate server side work into shifts, you decrease the staff’s risk of forgetting to do it.

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assign servers to stations and assign side duties to stations, so servers know what to do in addition to their core responsibilities. don’t forget to assign opening and closing duties. download 7shifts’ free restaurant server checklist for inspiration and customize it with tasks that are unique to your restaurant. use a restaurant operations tool like 7shifts to assign side duties and hold staff accountable for doing them. give your restaurant the team management tools they need to be successful. she is also the ceo of bloom digital marketing, a creative marketing agency that helps the hospitality and tourism industries reach millennials online. our detailed restaurant management templates cover everything from work schedules to time tracking and closing checklist.