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routine inspection report template is a routine inspection report sample that gives infomration on routine inspection report design and format. when designing routine inspection report example, it is important to consider routine inspection report template style, design, color and theme. they can also set a good precedent for tenants: showing them that you care enough about the property to check in on it from time to time. it’s an evaluation of your property that can help to alert you to potential problems at your rental. it’s never pleasant to discover that there are repairs issues that need to be addressed at your property, but it’s much better to find the problems sooner so that you can address them early on. an inspection can help to alert you, and your tenants, of potential safety issues in the rental. an annual inspection is a good opportunity to walk through the property and take note of any potential issues that may have been overlooked.

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while you could just walk through with a notebook, jotting down anything that catches your eye, it’s much better to go into the inspection with a clear plan of what you’re going to inspect. you’ll also want to ensure that you follow the inspection up with the necessary repairs and maintenance. if you notice any damage that is the tenant’s responsibility to repair, be sure to have your tenant sign and date your findings. if the tenant is responsible for any damage, then you’ll want to follow up with them to ensure that they follow the repairs through as well. they’re an ideal chance for you to touch base with your tenants, ensuring that they’re happy in the rental and that everything is going well with the property. find out how a property manager can help you to save time while ensuring that your rental is managed professionally.

in the first instance, what we’re looking at is the way the tenant is looking after the property in relation to regular cleaning, and noting any damage that may be there, above fair wear and tear. we’re not looking at how they’re living, like if they’ve made their bed or left clothes on the floor. if they allow things to progress and don’t keep up that regular cleaning, it can cause permanent damage. on the maintenance side we’re also looking for anything that could be a health and safety issue for the tenant. if we see the carpets are starting to look their age and the paintwork’s looking a little bit worse for wear as well, we give the owners a heads up that maybe for the next changeover, start budgeting to do some upgrades or things new flooring or a paint job – maybe even a new appliance. as a result, a lot of the things that managers miss during inspections are related to preventative maintenance. they’re looking at the cosmetic look of it all – quickly checking to see if the tenant is taking care of the place and that it’s clean and tidy.

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are the gardens and lawns mowed and neat? are the gates and fences secure? if the property is in a bad way, i generally go back to re-inspect – 100 per cent of the time all items have been attended to and we have it back on track. it wasn’t until i took a screenshot of one of her photos where she and her dog were on her bed in the rental property that she finally agreed to complete a form to ‘request a pet’. we’ll then check for any damage or issues that require the tenant’s attention, as well as the cleanliness of inclusions such as ovens and showers. i attended a routine inspection with the tenant not home. i managed to lock myself in a room and called our handyman – he attended and distracted the dog while i made my escape. as i began to walk through the home, the tenant appeared from the bathroom with a skimpy towel and a glass of champagne in his hand.

it is important to conduct regular rental inspections of your rental property during the term of a tenancy. if you decide you’d like someone else to conduct the inspection on your behalf, we also provide access to a service where you can book a professional who can complete the report for you. the person conducting the property should respect that someone lives in the property and it is not a judgement on how tidy surfaces are, but rather to ensure the property is kept in a clean state and there is no damage. it is a good idea to write a brief report summarising the condition of the property and any areas of concern that you might have identified. we know how painful this report can be to create, so there are a number of features to help accelerate the process and ensure that you can keep updating the report each time a tenant enters and exits the property. if the tenants are not keeping the property to your standard, you can raise it with them at the inspection or follow up with written instructions post-inspection.

you will need to look at the terms of the lease and consult the relevant state government authority. perfect for saving you valuable time but also great for those who are not able to be in the location of their property. it’s a stress-free way to ensure you get the task done on time, accurately and with ease.‍ we have partnered with rapid building inspections which provides comprehensive inspections for your property following the australian recognised standards. the details of your property are automatically populated, all you need to do is fill in the inspection form details and away you go. ‍ we know sometimes it’s hard to be at your property in person, whether you don’t live in the same location or life just gets in the way. all you need to do is sign it at the end! learn how the rentbetter platform can help you self-manage your rental property.