saastr agenda 2021

from speakers like the ceos of zoom and salesforce to high-level workshops and keynotes, the saastr annual 2021 in san francisco is set to be the biggest annual cloud-based enterprise/ meeting in the world. some of the major ceos and founders from the 2021 panel include: it’s interesting to see a clear presence of some younger, yet established saas companies this year. an extension of the workshops, this will give attendees a chance to meet with and learn directly from the experts.

all in all, the workshops will discuss the complete process of setting up, populating, managing and scaling a business – while keeping both employees and customers happy. the 2021 conference will also be the first to host a women-only event, consisting of women who have made waves in the saas and cloud landscape. with sessions and amas by the coo of squarespace, the gm and cto of shopify plus and shopify respectively, among a dozen more well-known names, the saas e-commerce event is set to be one of the highlights for this year. overall, the event is known to get bigger each year – and saastr annual 2021 definitely looks to be a memorable one.

saastr annual 2021: the world’s #1 cloud gathering join 5,000 cloud and saas founders, vc and execs. in-person, once again! in the sf bay area. the 7th saastr saastr 2022 events schedule saastr annual september 13-15, 2022 10,000+ in-person attendees will come together for the 9th saastr annual. we’ll have 3 days, we just launched the entire saastr annual 2021 agenda!! 3 days, more than 100+ sessions and 300 expert speakers, who will be., saastr 2022, saastr 2022, saastr annual 2021, saastr enterprise 2021, saastr events.

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