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it helps to organize meetings, to make sure that all important topics are discussed, and also with coming to conclusions. unfortunately, the amount of meetings we attend is sometimes enormous and it can be difficult to always stay up to date with all decisions and action steps… especially with those, where our action is required. sadly, we cannot help you with completing your tasks but we can show you how to make sure that you will never forget about them again! at lively apps, we wanted to discuss our meetings – how to perform them and how we can make them better. we prepared a page for the meeting using the meeting notes template. after the meeting, we had some decisions and action steps. our action items stayed unresolved.

confluence meeting minutes

the first time you use the meeting notes blueprint in a space, confluence will create an index page and add a shortcut on your space sidebar (if you are using the default theme). the index page lists the latest meeting notes pages in that space. if you want to quickly create a blank page, hit the create button in the header; if you want to create a page from a template, hit the create from template button. you can edit the page during or after your meeting, and enter your notes, action items and @mention users to assign tasks to them. you might choose to edit the headings or add additional headings, or change the instructional text that prompts users to enter information to suit your context. to find out more about using instructional text in a template, see instructional text. you can also edit the content report table macro used on the index page to specify the number of pages you want to display.

weekly meeting notes confluence

if having regular meetings it may be of interest to look into the previous meeting-note to catch up on what happened. (-) action items that are not checked, need to be transferred to the new meeting-note and deleted in the previous meeting-note one effective strategy i've used is to create a parent page for each reoccurring meeting with some descriptive text about the meetings purpose and expected results plus three macros. the third listed all the incomplete action items from that series of meetings for quick review either during the meeting or any other time i'll consider this as well and it's a good idea to design it this way. however, i do understand that it may be useful to do it this way if someone wants to go on with what happened the week before. still have no idea how to deal with double action items, if one copies the last meeting notes i find it hard to see how it can work ongoing because good structured meetings follow the same agenda and often progress towards large critical tasks or issues that span at least a couple weeks, if not a whole quarter. i'm also finding it really messy, copying across each week, then going into the last week and "ticking off" all the action tasks that aren't done so there's no double up.

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the confluence app includes a confluence chrome extension or firefox add-on to create meeting pages quickly, directly from your calendar. for recurring meetings and meeting series, meetical allows you to automatically create and link the meeting notes pages.simply turn on automation on the meeting series parent page!a new page for every occurrence will get created automatically for you, just in time! meetical ships with a great set of included meeting templates for team meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, tactical meetings, strategy and executive meetings.and the full power of confluence and jira is just a click away. the new integrated confluence calendar will help you to quickly create new meeting notes at the right time and find existing meeting pages fast.

ongoing meeting notes

put a new meaning to organization by learning how to keep track of your meeting notes and stay on top of your key decisions and action items! “if you want your meetings to be productive, you need to view the meeting as a productive work session. when a key decision is made, you should highlight it in your notes to illustrate its importance. creating a collaborative meeting agenda will ensure that the agenda and notes are accessible to everyone in the meeting.