kaizen agenda template

they are resource intensive, but effective tools for organizations that are dedicated to consistent and constant improvement. in fact, planning for the event should get as much care and attention as the event itself. our clients who have been successful with event planning have found that it helps to have a standard pre-event template that can be used every time a kaizen event occurs. the best improvement management software solutions allow you to set up your kaizen event templates within the system to make it easy for everyone to access and report relevant information. kaizen events should be done in conjunction with the strategic plan for improvement.

kaizen meeting agenda

in order to evoke positive and necessary change from the ground up, consider holding a kaizen meeting. holding a kaizen meeting is the first step in working through improving businesses, which can occur across all industries. because the overall aim of a kaizen event is to improve productivity, reduce waste, and inspire effectiveness and safety, there is a huge return when they’re done correctly. as the meeting is underway, start with introducing the attendees to the kaizen approach to meetings, and the goal is to achieve continuous improvement.