retrospective notes examples

i’m pretty passionate about the power of retrospectives and have written before about how to get them right. the first few minutes of your retrospective meeting are about setting expectations and getting the team warmed up. the point of this sort of exercise is to identify sticking points and who needs help. we used a timer and tried to concentrate on only the most significant issues to keep our brainstorm focused.

retrospective meeting notes

the purpose of a project retrospective meeting is to dedicate some time to revise a completed project. in this section of your project retrospective meeting agenda, it is valuable to share factual information about the projects execution and outcome in a completely objective manner. seeing as it will always be valuable to conduct project retrospective meetings, it is a great idea moving forwards for your team members to keep logs or make notes to keep track of learnings, what is going well, and what could use some improvement as the project evolves.

sprint retrospective meeting agenda template

at the end of your sprint, it’s time to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what can be done better in the future through the retrospective ceremony. a retrospective meeting is a key aspect of agile project management. get ahead of burnout by fostering a transparent environment for your team where everyone can be honest about what is working and what isn't. with a consistent retrospective agenda as a template, teams can confidently conduct retrospectives at regular intervals, allowing for constant iteration and improvement.

sprint retrospective agenda template

typically the rule for the duration of a retrospective meeting is 45 minutes for a one-week sprint, and a maximum of three hours for a month-long sprint. this activity helps to remind the team of the highs and lows that occurred throughout the sprint, and identify areas where team members shared similar feelings, or areas that impacted one team member more than others. this activity starts with a three-minute individual brainstorm where each member is encouraged to think of one thing that they or the team did well. following the same format, each team member is asked to share their brainstormed ideas of anything that didn’t go as planned for themselves or the team.

project review meeting minutes

during a project review meeting, team members assigned to a specific project get together and discuss the task, including reflecting on what went well and what they could have done differently. running an effective project review meeting is about organization and a full grasp of the project up for discussion. take the time to understand the scope and objective of the project, and have your team send you a breakdown of the tasks involved from start to finish and what was done to complete those tasks. in order to have a productive conversation, ask your team to populate sections 2-5 before the meeting: this section discusses the initial expectations that the team had for the project and then the outcome.