sample agenda for partnership meeting

communication is critical to cultivating partnerships that benefit both businesses involved. whether you're exploring new strategic collaborations or deepening existing relationships, our adaptable partnership check-in template can help you stay aligned and progress in the right direction. often, typical outlines are too rigid to accommodate the nuances of different partnerships. whether sales, business development, or investment teams are involved, this flexible meeting note template can be customized to capture and distill the insights most important to moving initiatives forward. our partnership check-in template gives all collaborators a clear perspective of common objectives and each other by opening up communication. not only does it enable you to establish expectations, but you'll also be able to understand one another's unique needs and strengths better. in turn, this lets you organize and prioritize the steps needed to accomplish your goals together.

agenda for mentoring session

it turns out that mentoring is valuable to both the mentor and the mentee. prepare your meeting agenda in advance of the meeting and ask your mentor if they would like to add any topics for discussion. there are a multitude of mentor meeting topics that you can discuss, and this will depend on the interests of the mentee, as well as organizational needs. as a mentee, think about which skills you already have, which skills you are seeking to gain and which skills you want to focus on developing the most.

sample agenda for training session

training your team is an essential part of running a successful business. to reach this goal, your training agenda should include the aim of the training. this should be followed by the resources, activities, and lessons you’ll need to guide your trainees toward the specific learning objective. a good template is easily customizable for a range of training programs and can be used by anyone on your training team. once it’s time to conduct the training, you will fill in each section to customize your different training scenarios. include a brief overview of what the training will cover and ask yourself some questions to make sure you have all the details: think about your end goals, and exactly what you want your trainees to learn. be sure to identify why the training is important and the end result that you expect.

agenda for meeting with mentor

whether you’re the mentor or the mentee, exactly how you accomplish these goals in your meeting is up to you. so in this post, i’ll review, from both perspectives, what you’ll need to do to get the most out of your first mentor meeting. it’s good etiquette for mentees to make things easy on the mentor. for example, as the mentee, it’s on you to make sure the mentor has—at least—your resume and a professional summary. instead, mentors and mentees should work together to ensure meetings are productive. but the general expectation is for mentees to take the lead in doing the legwork of scheduling meetings, outlining agendas, etc. and you’ll need to fill it out based on your situation. but it’s hard to be open and transparent before you’ve built trust. so dedicate most of the time in your first meeting to getting to know each other. even if that means delaying pressing work or career issues you want to talk about, it’ll benefit you in the long run.

mentor mentee meeting minutes

and one of the keys to a good mentor/mentee relationship is having consistent touchpoints. while mentorship meetings are typically on the less formal side, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare. in addition to doing your research, it’s also imperative to both arrive on the same page about the purpose of the meeting. share your goals for the meeting with your mentor beforehand. this will give the mentor a chance to think it through and show up prepared.” it’s important to not only create an agenda but also share it with your mentor in advance. how often you have a mentor meeting is up to the two of you and what your schedules allow.